Gr8 2 B an ApacheCon Silver Sponsor!

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Eight is the third number that stays the same when written upside down. There are eight people in a tug-of war team. According to Indian mythology, the Earth is supported on the backs of eight white elephants. And last but not least, for the eighth consecutive year, HotWax Systems is an official ApacheCon Sponsor. Top 8 Reasons to Sponsor ApacheCon …

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Do You Have a 360 Degree View of Customer Data?

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  It may be true that knowledge is power. But in the world of e-commerce, knowledge is profit. Can you easily access the knowledge you need to maximize both profitability and customer retention? Do you have a clear vision of both your business data and your customer data? A 360-degree view of both types of data is essential to online …

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OFBiz Bug Crush Efforts Further the Open Source Cause

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 We have a very active testing community, which people don’t often think about when you have open source.–Mitchell Baker The free and open source revolution in the software industry is a great example of the importance and value of volunteer collaboration. From its inception, HotWax Systems has actively promoted the sharing of open source initiatives and has committed to use open source …

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Use OFBiz to Make Special Offers to Your Best Customers

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  Does your digital commerce system ever limit your ability to sell your products the way you want to sell them? One of the areas where HotWax Commerce stands out from the crowd is the capability to present just the right product to just the right e-commerce customer at just the right time. From pro-purchase programs and special pricing, to highly …

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Boost Your Conversion Rate by Delivering on Delivery

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    Online shoppers have evolved. Have your shipping capabilities kept pace? Today’s online shoppers are more internet savvy than ever before. They are familiar with various ordering and fulfillment options, and expect both competitive pricing, and prompt delivery of purchases. Disappoint them, and they might just take their business elsewhere.Consider this timely example, shared by a member of our HotWax Systems Leadership …

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With Free Software You Have Freedom: Why Open Source Matters

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  In a recent post, HotWax Systems CEO Mike Bates explained how your IT future may depend on bridging  the conceptual divide between proprietary enterprise software and open source enterprise software. Bridging that divide begins with a commitment to sharing and collaboration. From childhood, we are taught about the important roles that both sharing and collaboration fulfill in our society. We’ve …

Bridging the Divide Between Enterprise Users and Open Source

Bridging the Divide Between Open Source and Enterprise Users

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What if a critical portion of your business strategy were based on a mistaken notion? Of course you’d want to know, right? If you’ve made the assumption that proprietary enterprise software is superior to open source enterprise software, you’re not alone. And you’re not alone in being mistaken. The conceptual divide today between open source software and enterprise users can …

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Smarter e-commerce shipping strategy for 2015

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With a new year well underway it’s a good time to think about a smarter e-commerce shipping strategy for 2015 When customers consider making an online purchase as opposed to buying from a brick-and-mortar store the ease and speed of the shipping process can be a deciding factor. With rich online shopping options now readily available to consumers 24/7 from …

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HotWax Media Is Now HotWax Systems

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With 2015 off to a great start, we are excited to make three major announcements. 1. HotWax Systems: new name reflects focus, direction of company HotWax Media is now HotWax Systems. This change reflects the focus and direction of our business: designing, implementing and supporting enterprise-grade, open source software solutions that drive innovation and empower ownership. What started in 1997 …


OFBiz for Digital Commerce: Build a Full-featured Online Catalog

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When you build a digital commerce Platform with OFBiz, the possibilities are endless This is a refresh of a post we first published back in 2010–even more relevant today. Enjoy! When a business decides to implement an e-commerce system, whether a product retailer or a manufacturer / distributor is making the move to go direct to consumer, one of the …