New Apache OFBiz Logo

Kenneth PaskettPublished:

New OFBiz Logo

Good timing for a new Apache OFBiz logo It was a real honor to work with the Apache OFBiz® team to develop the new Apache OFBiz logo. The timing couldn’t have been better. “Apache OFBiz” recently became a registered name rather than a trademarked name. … Read More

Angular Attack 2016 Update

Teresa ZundelPublished: Updated:

Angular Attack

  Kudos to the HotWax Systems team members who participated in the 48-hour marathon Angular Attack 2016 event. Our awesome team developed and implemented a cool app in that very short time frame. While our entry did not win, participants … Read More

HotWax Systems Looks Back at 2015

Mike BatesPublished: Updated:

HotWax Systems Looks Back at 2015 2015 has been a year of tremendous learning and double digit growth for HotWax Systems.  Our custom Apache OFBiz consulting group continues to offer the most skilled and experienced OFBiz development teams in the … Read More