Doctors Without Borders

Mike BatesPublished:

Hurricane Rain Painting by Laura Sharp Wilson

Doctors Without Borders (DWB) is the real deal. From providing education for HIV prevention to delivering emergency medical treatment to injured civilians in war zones, like Aleppo, these volunteers are amazingly dedicated to helping their fellow human beings. They offer … Read More

HotWax Commerce and Apache OFBiz Basics

Jacopo CappellatoPublished:

OFBiz File Structure

HotWax Commerce is built on top of Apache OFBiz, and it leverages the OFBiz architecture. Apache OFBiz is an e-commerce and ERP application development framework. Over the past decade, HotWax Systems has built hundreds of custom OFBiz applications for our … Read More

Open Source ERP Freedom: Your Business,Your Way

Anil PatelPublished:


 Say “yes ” to open source ERP freedom through community collaboration. Long before the advent of Facebook, Java developers turned to for interesting news and  community conversations. While browsing there one day back in 2001, I saw a post … Read More

Enterprise Resource Planning Fast Facts

Teresa ZundelPublished:

enterprise resource planning graphic

What is Enterprise Resource Planning? What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? This seemingly-simple question often results in complex answers. Let’s pare it down to the essentials. In basic terms, ERP software uses a shared database to integrate and streamline a wide range … Read More

E-commerce Fast Facts in Five Minutes

Teresa ZundelPublished:

e-commerce fast facts

E-commerce fast facts The term “E-commerce” is widely used. But what does it actually mean? This blog post provides a set of basic e-commerce fast facts. Invest five minutes for a quick, basic understanding of e-commerce. What e-commerce is E-commerce is “the buying … Read More

New Apache OFBiz Logo

Kenneth PaskettPublished:

New OFBiz Logo

Good timing for a new Apache OFBiz logo It was a real honor to work with the Apache OFBiz® team to develop the new Apache OFBiz logo. The timing couldn’t have been better. “Apache OFBiz” recently became a registered name rather than a trademarked name. … Read More