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For 20 + years, the team at HotWax has been helping to influence how businesses innovate, and prepare for “the next big thing”. They have been on the forefront of commerce, designing and deploying the most transformative business technologies that redefine and reshape brands.


With proven leadership in dynamic business application development, the team at HotWax brings a focus to business agility and profitability. That is why they are trusted by successful brands across the globe to drive their business transformation, and digital disruption strategies.


The team at HotWax is committed to elevating excellence in software development through their leadership and support of the open source community, and the Apache Software Foundation. The Center of Engineering Expertise for OFBiz defines best practices across industries worldwide, with 75,000+ hours contributed to open source development communities.

“We selected HotWax Systems because the team brought extensive OFBiz experience, particularly with bringing several of the founding members, authors and architects of the OFBiz open-source platform itself.”

~Kris Shenk, CIO, cabi

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Powerful Data Model

Get everything you need to manage data across the system. Based on the definitive Data Model Resource Book, the OFBiz data model is broadly scoped, and the OFBiz Entity Engine leverages a set of generic APIs that is incredibly flexible.

Service-oriented Architecture

Scale gracefully to handle huge volumes of products, orders, and users. Powered by Java Enterprise Edition, the OFBiz service-oriented architecture allows for powerful functionality built on a highly scalable and customizable architecture.

Complete User Management

Integrate tracking of B2B and B2C customers, employees, and suppliers. Get custom setup and control of individuals, groups, organizations, and groups of organizations. Manage individuals and groups with total flexibility, customize relationships freely, and get granular control of user access and permissions.

Order/Inventory Management

Take orders from all your channels — mobile, online storefront, phone, EDI, POS, and more. Process payments, track order status and fulfillment, process returns, exchanges, and refunds. Know inventory location, quantity on hand, available to promise, pre-set reorder points, and much more. Customize order and inventory processes freely.

Master Data Management

Manage product types and attributes as part of your master data set. Full custom data definition and management allow for mapping to any industry data format specifications. Group products in one or more categories, with unlimited levels of sub-categories. Use data import/export tools to simplify the management of large amounts of data.

Warehouse Management

Define ship rules, drop ship, and EDI with robust, barcode scanner-ready pick/pack/ship functionality, including multiple shipping service integrations. Group pick lists by shipping type, warehouse location, or any other order or product attribute. From pick cart to shipping station, print the label and the shipment is out the door. Customize and scale warehouse workflows to match the needs of your staff, order volume, or location.


Streamline floor processing operations. Open source MRP software empowers you to optimize inventory, achieve more accurate and timely procurement, plan manufacturing, and manage maintenance in order to improve profitability and efficiency while delivering a better experience for both employees and customers.


Meet all your accounting needs with configurable and customizable systems. Get native general ledger postings as well as system-generated sales order, purchase order, invoice, and payment tracking. You’ll also get time tracking, bonuses, and check printing tools, as well as standard GAAP reports — including balance sheet, profit and loss — along with the freedom to design and implement any custom accounting reports you may require.

What can we help you accomplish?

Integrated Business Applications

The applications within OFBiz are designed to work together on top of a shared data model. This allows for a single-source system to function across a wide variety of business divisions within an organization. For example, an organization can run B2C e-commerce, B2B digital commerce, order management, warehouse, fulfillment, and procurement – all on the same integrated OFBiz system.

OFBiz is both front-end and database agnostic. That means that custom front-end development can be accomplished in any technology (e.g. Bootstrap, Angular, JQuery, iOS, Android, etc.). A wide variety of databases are also supported (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Spark, and others). OFBiz runs in Apache Tomcat, so it does not require a Java EE server such as JBoss. Developers can run OFBiz on their laptops, and can come up-to-speed quickly, working with OFBiz experts on a co-development project.

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