OFBiz Tutorial – Custom Components in OFBiz

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Edit – First time this post was published in 2009 working with OFBiz trunk, updated it to work with OFBiz latest Release 16.11. This is the first of a series of posts that will introduce hands-on Apache OFBiz® development: each … Read More

HotWax Commerce and Apache OFBiz Basics

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OFBiz File Structure

HotWax Commerce is built on top of Apache OFBiz, and it leverages the OFBiz architecture. Apache OFBiz is an e-commerce and ERP application development framework. Over the past decade, HotWax Systems has built hundreds of custom OFBiz applications for our … Read More

OFBiz Entity Query API Simplifies Query Process

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OFBiz Entity Query API makes building database queries easier than ever before! Developers: Tired of writing primitive codes? Good news–your lives just got easier. There’s now a way for developers to use  Entity Query methods for quick and simple access to … Read More

Lucene Component of OFBiz, A Technical Overview

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We are very pleased to contribute this updated integration with Lucene for OFBiz! Also, the timing is good, as I am excited to be attending the Lucene/Solr Revolution EU 2013 conference in Dublin, Ireland November 4-7.  (If you will be in … Read More