Enterprise Resource Planning Fast Facts

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enterprise resource planning graphic

What is Enterprise Resource Planning? What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? This seemingly-simple question often results in complex answers. Let’s pare it down to the essentials. In basic terms, ERP software uses a shared database to integrate and streamline a wide range … Read More

E-commerce Fast Facts in Five Minutes

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e-commerce fast facts

E-commerce fast facts The term “E-commerce” is widely used. But what does it actually mean? This blog post provides a set of basic e-commerce fast facts. Invest five minutes for a quick, basic understanding of e-commerce. What e-commerce is E-commerce is “the buying … Read More

Angular Attack 2016 Update

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Angular Attack

  Kudos to the HotWax Systems team members who participated in the 48-hour marathon Angular Attack 2016 event. Our awesome team developed and implemented a cool app in that very short time frame. While our entry did not win, participants … Read More

HotWax Systems Update

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HotWax Systems Update June 2016

HotWax Systems Update, June 2016 It’s an exciting time for our company. There’s lots of growth, progress and learning happening here at HotWax Systems. From promotions to new hires to events, this HotWax Systems update is the place to get … Read More

Looking for “Average” in ERP Systems a Lost Cause: to Simplify ERP Implementation, Focus on What Makes an Enterprise Exceptional.

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ERP System, ERP Implementation

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 17, 2016 “Looking for ‘average’ in cloud commerce and ERP systems is a lost cause,” said Mike Bates, CEO of Salt Lake City-based software company, HotWax Systems. “The game-changers, innovators, and wildly successful cloud … Read More

Magento ERP Extension, HotWax Commerce Connect for Magento, Now Available on Magento Extensions Marketplace

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Magento ERP extension HotWax Commerce Connect for Magento Features

HotWax Commerce Connect for Magento unlocks ERP for Magento users. HotWax Commerce Connect for Magento is now available on Magento Connect, the official marketplace for Magento extensions. Earlier this year, HotWax Systems announced the worldwide release of HotWax Commerce Connect … Read More