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Your B2B system requires features and functionalities that differ from standard B2C systems; at the same time, the  quality of the user experience should be every bit as refined and user-friendly as the highest volume B2C sites. Welcome to HotWax Commerce OFBiz-based B2B Wholesale Distribution software.

3 Examples of wholesale distribution software in HotWax Commerce

OFBiz-based B2B Specifics

Powered by OFBiz, HotWax Commerce offers a full range of B2B-specific features and functions. From high-volume multi-level marketing companies, to building supply sales and distribution, to industrial aerospace part manufacturing and maintenance, our digital commerce platform has market-proven capabilities that are ready to adapt to meet your specific B2B requirements. Some of the B2B feature requirements we encounter most often include:

  • Ease of integration with partner systems
  • API for web services integrations and EDI
  • Multiple device interfaces — handhelds, scanners, desktops
  • Partner agreements, custom billing, and payment terms
  • Complex relationship management — multiple user and customer roles
  • Integrated quote to order to fulfillment
  • Custom catalogs and pricing
  • Demand forecasting
  • Bulk orders, repeat orders
  • Account credit limits, customer deposit management
  • Self-service customer portal — quote and order tracking, digital content management

Practical and Flexible

With HotWax Commerce, you can have a working system within weeks. Deploy on-site, in a private cloud, in your own Amazon instance, or leverage our On Demand solution. Work with HotWax Systems to implement a system that will meet your needs over time: managing vendors, suppliers, dealers, and customers along with master product data, order management, and one or more warehouses. Multiple brands, languages, currencies, and other regional requirements, such as taxes and fulfillment, can all be handled with your HotWax Commerce system.

  • Wholesale Distribution Software Product List Screenshot
  • Wholesale Distribution Software Single Item Screenshot

Powerful and Scalable

Built on a proven technology stack, and strategically leveraging some of the best open source software in the world, HotWax Commerce B2B is incredibly powerful. From enterprise search with Lucene / SOLR, to big data opportunities with Cassandra, this wholesale distribution software has the capabilities to tackle your individual B2B system requirements. As your business grows, HotWax Commerce is ready to grow along with you, scaling from one instance to clustered instances and maximizing the return on your investment, adapting to changing conditions over time. From a simple supply chain, to a high volume B2B marketplace; from standard customers and suppliers, to multi-level complex compensation tracking, HotWax Commerce (powered by Apache OFBiz) has the power and scalability to support your business now and in the future.