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Announcing OFBiz Connect: Plugin Links Magento With Open Source OFBiz ERP

OFBIz Magento Konnect integration

OFBiz Connect Released Globally Today–Plugin by HotWax Systems Makes It Easier than Ever Before to Connect Magento with Apache OFBiz ERP

HotWax Systems  is pleased to announce the global release of OFBiz Connect – an open source plugin that easily integrates Magento’s e-commerce engine with the Apache OFBiz ERP platform. With its flexible, efficient order and warehouse management capabilities, Apache OFBiz is a proven ERP system that can help a Magento e-commerce business become more manageable and profitable. OFBiz Connect makes it easier than ever before to link Magento with Apache OFBiz.

Get connected to OFBiz ERP via OFBiz Connect to access the following ERP features and functions:
Sales Order Management
  • Search orders
  • Edit shipping and billing addresses
  • Cancel orders
  • Create pick lists and assign the pick list to a picker
  • Pack orders and create shipments
  • Generate invoices and view payments
  • Manage returns
  • Track customer lists and order history
Purchase Order and Inventory
  • Plan requirements
  • Create and receive purchase orders
  • Record and track supplier information
  • Receive inventory
Additional features:
  • Manage users:  create/edit/delete/search internal users
  • Gather and access business intelligence, including business overview, sales analytics, market basket analysis, and PO pipelines
  • Generate reports, including gross margin, income statement, inventory valuation
OFBiz Connect compatibility: 

OFBiz Connect by HotWax Systems is compatible with the following platforms:

  • Magento: Magento community edition 1.8 and later.
  • OFBiz: OFBiz-13.07, OFBiz-14.12 and trunk versions.
Prerequisites for using OFBiz Connect
  • A compatible Magento instance
  • A SOAP User and Role
  • An OFBiz Tenant created for your Magento Store
How to Get Started with OFBiz Connect

To begin using OFBiz Connect:

For More Information

For more information about OFBiz Connect, please contact us at For information about open source ERP solutions, or about HotWax Commerce, our open source, enterprise-class, digital commerce platform, contact us for a free consultation.


DATE: Apr 12, 2015
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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