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Gartner-360-squaremain_9079In just less than a week, HotWax Media will be at the Gartner Customer 360 Summit in Orlando, FL. We’re looking forward to connecting with our Gartner reps as well as existing and new clients in an offsite setting where we will focus on creating happy customers of all shapes and sizes.

The experience is meaningful for us in three primary ways: 1. It will help us keep getting better at articulating the amazing (and at times complex) CRM capabilities of Apache OFBiz. 2. We will spend some time with our Gartner analysts discussing go-to-market strategy for our internally developed SaaS ERP product 6th Sense Commerce. 3. The conference offers a great opportunity to network with prospective and existing clients.

On the topic of OFBiz, it can be a real challenge to express its capabilities around CRM simply because they are vast. Where to begin? “You can make it do anything.” is not particularly actionable, so it makes good sense for us to spend time understanding how people in the market want to understand CRM, and then mapping that to the features and capabilities that OFBiz offers. We have built some amazing CRM systems in a variety of industries from multi-level marketing to conference and event planning, so sometimes focusing the message can be a challenge. The Gartner conference will help keep us current with industry trends, terminologies, and other key players.

For 6th Sense Commerce, we’re bursting at the seams to share more information, and it will be forthcoming. For now let me simply say that 6th Sense Commerce is a SaaS product that helps growing e-commerce businesses manage the entire Product Order Lifecycle: that is, from order to cash, the complete set of processes involved in creating and fulfilling an order for a product; product procurement, warehouse, inventory, pricing, merchandizing, sales order creation, pick / pack / ship / return, accounting, business intelligence and reporting. Gartner analysts are helping us get the messaging and marketing plan ready for prime time, so it will be great to sit with them face-to-face.

Finally, the conference will give us valuable face time with existing and prospective clients. Modern marketing and communication tools are amazing, no doubt, but face time still reigns supreme. If you will be attending, be sure to let us know so we can meet up in person. Follow us on Linked In or Twitter for the latest updates, and I hope I’ll see you there!


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