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2013_SYM_logoThe Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2013 in Orlando earlier this month was a great opportunity to network with other IT professionals while learning about Gartner research. I came away with some great connections, some promising leads, and a much better idea of what exactly Gartner could bring to the table on behalf of its clients.

The Gartner research machine is impressive. As a quick exercise, I have cherry-picked some of the most interesting factoids that came out of the ITxpo presentations to share with you here. (Thanks to the Gartner rep who compiled the larger list, from which I pulled the following.) No context, no definitive sources, and little-or-no commentary. Just the factoids, ma’am. Just the factoids. (Please verify before you run too far with any of these individually.)

1. Google’s ad revenue surpasses that of the entire US print industry.
2. More people have mobile access than safe drinking water and electricity.
3. $272,000 is spent online every second.
4. Smartphones account for 6% of all e-commerce spending; tablets account for 3.5%
5. 200+ million tablets will be sold in 2013.
6. US-based e-commerce has seen 11 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth.
7. There are 200 million mobile playbacks from YouTube each day.
8. Amazon’s warehouse space would fill over 700 Madison Square Gardens.
9. Every second 100,000 tweets are tweeted worldwide.
10. HotWax Media offers unsurpassed e-commerce and ERP services on Apache OFBiz!

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