Give Thanks, Crush OFBiz Bugs!

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OFBiz bug crush event through November 29Thankful for OFBiz

Today, Team HotWax is thankful for the open source movement and the Apache OFBiz community. And to transform our gratitude into action, we’re undertaking a marathon OFBiz bug crush event. It’s currently underway, and will continue through end-of-day Saturday, November 29th.

Join the OfBiz bug crush festivities

We are pleased to invite qualified members of the OFBiz community to join in our bug crush festivities. Give us a shout on the OFBiz Dev mailing lists for a list of items we’re working on and instructions for joining the event.

Put the power of OFBiz to work for your business

HotWax is the leading global innovator of enterprise commerce solutions powered by Apache OFBiz. Contact us today to learn how to put the power of OFBiz to work for your business.

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