HotWax Media Hosts MoquiCon 2013

Recently MoquiCon 2013HotWax Media hosts MoquiCon 2013 at it’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. Moqui is a stack of free software technologies for use in building custom enterprise applications. The small gathering featured some ERP platform superstars who spent most of the conference hacking code and giving presentations.

The conference featured physical as well as virtual attendees, with some participants joining in from as far away as Padua, Italy.

Moquicon 2013When it was time to take a break from discussions of the future of ERP software, the crew sampled some of Salt Lake City’s restaurants and brewpubs. The lunch and dinner conversation was lively and interesting, even if it was a bit nerdy.

HotWax Media is pleased to have hosted the conference, and we plan on hosting more in the future!

DATE: May 1, 2013
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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