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Over many years of both failures and successes, it has become clear to me that the first responsibility of a business is to its employees. Happy employees are dedicated to happy customers, whereas bored or unhappy employees are not. So, if you want to stoke your customers, stoke your employees first!

Kelly Abbott and Mike Bates on the slopesIn that spirit, we invited Kelly Abbott (@KellyAbbott) to our offices a few months back to work with our Salt Lake City-based team. Kelly is a good friend of mine who has a very likable personality and a wealth of relevant experience. Before twisting my arm and making me go ski the tram with him at Snowbird, Kelly sat down with our team to share fascinating experiences and proven advice on how to approach content marketing, account management, and growing a sales team. We explored some current opportunities with Kelly, and the days he spent with us in our Salt Lake HQ were motivating, affirming, and inspiring. We appreciate you, Kelly!

Kelly’sGreat Jones Street Logo latest endeavor is Great Jones Street (, where his mission is to bring great short fiction to a wider audience. He is gaining impressive traction, and I encourage you to go sign up. My favorite method is to use the Medium app on my phone to read his latest pieces. The bite-sized format is really enjoyable, and the quality of the writing is superb.

So hats off to you, Kelly Abbott! Thanks for sharing your experience and motivating our team. Here’s to the next get together!

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Mike Bates founded HotWax Systems in 1997 and is our chief executive. His career in web application sales, marketing, design and development spans two decades, and he is a long time open source software advocate. He has led high-profile web software projects for numerous national and global brands and has taught web development courses at the graduate level. Mike joins other HotWax employees and advisers in periodically posting thoughts here related to HotWax Commerce, OFBiz, digital commerce, and other topics.

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