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Full Service Support

HotWax Systems offers a full set of services supporting at custom solution design and development.  With 20 years of enterprise application development experience, offices and key individuals on four continents, and a deep commitment to open source software, HotWax is uniquely positioned to encourage project success. Whether the solution is designed from scratch, or is an update to current infrastructure, the process moves expertly, with speed and precision.

Experience Pays

Whatever innovation you can dream, the team at HotWax has the knowledge base to make it a reality. With active open source project leadership and the significant code contributions, the breadth and depth of knowledge is virtually unlimited. From ERP and core business processes, to unique solutions built to match innovative strategies, you get experience driving ideal results.

You dream it. We build it.

If you’ve got ideas that start with “what if we could,” the answer is “yes we can.” The experts at HotWax Systems put you in control, so your technology investment is your competitive edge. From vision to reality, you have a partner, relentlessly committed to your success. HotWax Systems is recognized as a global leader in enabling businesses to reimagine and innovate at scale.

A Competitive Advantage

When searching for distinction, out-of-the-box solutions can’t always hit the mark. Open source solutions empower businesses with technology freedom and flexibility to grow beyond predefined boundaries. The Team at HotWax Systems has seen it all. They have solved for it all. Let their experience become your competitive advantage.

“We trust HotWax Systems…They are a like-minded group of individuals so we didn’t have to spend a lot of time explaining who we are. A responsive and fun group to work with.”

~Megan Marble, Patagonia

Create, change, modify, update, improve.

When free of license restrictions,
the future is open.

It’s your vision.
How will you accomplish it?

HotWax Systems brings innovative solutions to support dynamic business strategies with technology freedom, delivering unmatched value and an unending commitment to their client’s long-term success. Create, change, modify, update, improve. When free of license restrictions, the future is open.