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A Customized e-commerce ERP – HotWax Commerce

powered by Apache OFBizPowered by Apache OFBiz, HotWax Commerce combines our internal product development with best-in-class open source software. We charge absolutely no licensing fees, and when we deliver your system, it’s yours for life. HotWax Commerce is a fully customizable platform that is agile and intuitive, providing powerful digital commerce functionality that outperforms our expensive, proprietary software competition.

Whether your business receives dozens, hundreds, or tens-of-thousands of orders-per-day, we have a HotWax Commerce offering that will seamlessly integrate your entire operation from storefront through back office.

We have taken OFBiz to a whole new level with clean, easy-to-use admin screens, and attractive storefronts. Our robust platform significantly speeds up your time to market.

Our partnership with HotWax has been integral to the success of our e-commerce channel. Since we first started down this road in 2009, HotWax has worked with us every step of the way, from the implementation of the original site, to the multi-brand expansion, to the launch of our mobile site last year. HotWax has expertly adapted and evolved with us in this dynamic space. We value HotWax as our partners in digital commerce.Kim Miller, CEO, Scarpa North America
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As innovative as your business

Innovation is a powerful competitive advantage. Our innovative, flexible platform empowers businesses to quickly implement the right solution for market conditions, and to continue adjusting over time. Because it scales and evolves–integrating freely with legacy systems and replacing them over time if you choose–HotWax Commerce is a sound long term investment in your business. From web to mobile, B2B to master data management, warehousing to fulfillment, HotWax Commerce is fully customizable and leaves room to configure and expand as needed going forward.

With the HotWax Commerce platform, you can do any combination of:

  • Order from suppliers
  • Manage warehouse and inventory
  • Take and manage omni-channel orders
  • Manage multi-level business processes, commission structures (MLM)
  • Integrate with payment gateways and third party checkouts
  • Manage relationships with customers, vendors, suppliers
  • Plan and execute manufacturing resource planning
  • Manage multi-storefront systems
  • Integrate with shipping providers
  • Manage multi-language systems
  • Pick / pack / ship
  • Manage multi-currency systems
  • Run B2B and B2C simultaneously
All from one powerful digital commerce platform.

Professional services every step of the way

HotWax Systems is the global leader in custom Apache OFBiz design and implementation; powered by Apache OFBiz, HotWax Commerce leverages this expertise. Our experienced professionals are available to lead your system design and implementation, as well as to provide support subscriptions to keep your system running smoothly. Whether you would like us to partner with your internal IT team to co-develop your new HotWax Commerce system, or hand the project over to us entirely, our HotWax Systems professional services team will be with you every step of the way, providing project management, system design and architecture, development, QA and testing. We are committed to our customers’ success, and we invite you to learn more about our process on our Professional Services page.

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