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Ecommerce & SEO: Tweets and Their Impact on Search

Who are you, what’s your industry, how much influence do you have? Are you using all of those things to your advantage through social networks? These days there’s lots of talk and lots of speculation by SEO’s, agencies and industry professionals about just how much authority comes from active engagement and consistent activity through sites like Facebook and Twitter. In terms of growing an online store, the trends and best practices of enterprise ecommerce, SEO and now social networks, are unquestionably intertwined.

For a long time there have been some key indicators that help identify how much clout a particular page and domain carry–PageRank, Domain Authority and Page Authority are just a few. But with the explosion of social networks [Twitter users/FB accounts] people have been clamoring to better understand how search engines measure the relevance and influence all those Tweets, Likes and posts, and determine how that plays into linking as part of a larger SEO strategy.

Near the end of last year, Search Engine Land editor Danny Sullivan (who is perhaps a borderline obsessive Tweeter himself) published a column on social signals and how they are monitored and evaluated by Google and Bing.  The short interview that was conducted with two of the top search engines revealed that when it comes to Twitter, who you are and what you Tweet really counts, and can actually have an impact on the results of a search query. In other words, “authoritative people on Twitter lend their authority to pages they Tweet.”

Both search engines get a constant stream of data from Twitter that tells them what people are tweeting about. Bing says they try and determine the popularity of a link by monitoring how often people tweet and retweet the same link. Google claims they use the data in a limited capacity, and don’t use it at all for general websearch.

Although the line between human authority and web page authority is still a bit ambiguous to me, there’s no doubt now that the search engines are using social signals to identify and rank what they believe is authoritative information from a person/company who is well known in the space.

For a more in depth look at how all of this might impact your social strategy, I suggest you read the full article .

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DATE: Jun 20, 2011
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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