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Twitter Gets Another Presidential Nod

There are a lot of different working parts when it comes to marketing strategies and ecommerce solutions that are designed to get people to take a specific action. We entice them with offers, we woo them with site design, we encourage a purchase by creating a clear path to the sale, then we try and do it all over again. So are you still unconvinced that social media should be a part of that strategy?

A few days ago I was looking at a study that cited 78% of American executives thought it would be either somewhat or very important to have a social business strategy for the future success of their business. But despite that relatively high statistic, only 27% of those executives thought social media should be considered a high priority activity. Since many ecommerce solutions now embrace social media, and execs still seem to be on the fence about the importance, who better to endorse the idea than the most powerful man in the world.

Barack Obama rode a social media wave to an election win in 2008, and hasn’t ever really stopped tapping social networks as a means to connect with people and initiate (or ignite) conversations on hot topics. So in case you were wondering about the true relevance of Twitter and its role as a viable social outlet for starting conversations, creating a buzz or sharing information, the Commander in Chief just gave his endorsement to the social network by asking people to get out there and Tweet about solving the debt crisis. That’s right. Let’s all our patriotic duty. Together we can save the US economy and stop partisan bickering, one Tweet at a time. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Now I don’t want to get into politics, and I’m not saying that just because the President of the United States encourages people to engage in dialogue through Twitter that it will provide a magical results simply by embracing social media without a plan or strategy. However, I do find it intriguing that the leader  of the free world continues to use social outlets to push policy and agenda. If it’s a weapon in the arsenal of the President of the United States, shouldn’t it be part of your arsenal as well? I guess that depends on what side of the isle you Tweet from.

DATE: Jul 30, 2011
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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