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Executive Speaking Success Founder Travels 20,000 Miles to Train HotWax Systems Team

executive speaking success

Executive Speaking Success founder, John Bates, travelled 20,000 miles to deliver his “Speak Like a Leader” training to our Indore team.


There’s going the extra mile. And then, there’s going the extra 20,000 miles. A heartfelt thank-you to John Bates, founder of Executive Speaking Success, for the world-class professional communications training he delivered to more than 60 members of our team in Indore, India. John travelled more than 9,000 miles each way to present his “Speak Like a Leader” training. He overcame distance barriers and physical obstacles to deliver training that is already changing lives. The messages below, written to John by participants in the training, underscore why we are so happy to have invested in such top-notch training:

AdobeStock_100876811quotesmallgreen“Our success has come after a long journey. It has been hard to include all of the training, and coaching needed to overcome challenges. And today, this is the moment that we have received the valuable training we needed. John, everything you said is in our hearts and minds, and we will put it into action. I promise you that you will see a significant difference in the quality of professional communication from everyone in this room today.”–Anil Patel, COO, HotWax Systems.

“Before the  training I did not feel comfortable or confident about delivering speeches or presentations. Fear was my greatest personal obstacle. John gave us several simple and effective techniques that helped me largely overcome my fear. After the training, my fear of public speaking was gone. Instead of feeling afraid, I  felt  like a leader. More importantly, I started thinking like a leader. I am now planning to use John’s techniques in both my professional and personal life.”  —Sanjay Yadav, enterprise quality assurance manager, HotWax Systems

“It was a great experience to listen John, his expertise of helping you to find best speaker inside you is incredible.–Swapnil Mane, enterprise software engineer, HotWax Systems

AdobeStock_101430666auotesmallorange“This was a unique opportunity for me to work with my amazing brother John while making a meaningful investment in the HotWax team. The experience means a lot to me, and John’s training was exceptional. Our HotWax team is continuously working to improve, and this was a fine example of the kind of efforts we make that separate our team from the pack. –Mike Bates, CEO, HotWax Systems

John provides training and coaching to executives at a variety of organizations around the world including NASA, Accenture, and Johnson & Johnson. We feel strongly that training with John is one of the best investments a company can make. For more information about John’s credentials, or to schedule training with John, please visit his website.

DATE: May 13, 2016
AUTHOR: Teresa Zundel
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