“One year after implementing HotWax Commerce, our sales are up more than 400%. That kind of growth simply wouldn’t have been possible without the right digital commerce/ERP system to support our operation. From the first collaborative strategy session right through to ongoing project support, HotWax Systems has been there for us in every way.”Danny Payne, Founder, Skootz

SKOOTZ.com Selects HotWax Commerce to Support Rapid Growth and Unify Operations

Skootz sells officially licensed products from many professional sports leagues. It’s flagship product, Bandz, are colorful, customized wristbands that are available in nearly 300 variations. Worn by fans wanting to show support for their favorite teams, schools, or players, Bandz are tremendously popular.

In addition to solid-color Bandz, Skootz offers products from the MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NASCAR, WNBA, NCAA and more. Skootz products are sold at sports arenas and specialty retailers around the country as well as on the Skootz e-commerce store at www.skootz.com.

The company launched an e-commerce store in 2012 using a Magento storefront and Quickbooks for accounting and wholesale orders. But like many small businesses that experience sudden, exponential growth, Skootz encountered unforeseen difficulties.

Using different systems for its e-commerce and wholesale orders was disjointed, and led to inventory and fulfillment issues. Knowing how much inventory was available in the warehouse and where it was located was sometimes nearly a guessing game. Employees were frustrated with an unnecessarily difficult  workflow. Customers were disappointed when orders were delayed.

The company needed a responsive site design to highlight its active and athletic audience. It wanted to have more control over website content, including the ability to quickly highlight players, games, and matchups as seasons progressed. To address these issues, Skootz decided to look for a more integrated commerce solution

From Simple Storefront to Unified Digital Commerce System in Under Six Months

Skootz turned to HotWax Systems and the HotWax Commerce platform for a solution that could facilitate an integrated, simple process for both customers and employees.

The HotWax Systems team began an intense and effective collaboration with Skootz, customizing a digital commerce solution that:

  • Would easily accommodate the company’s rapid growth
  • Could smoothly integrate from storefront through fulfillment and delivery
  • Offered complete control
  • Was equally accessible from desktop computers and mobile devices
  • Offered all the front-end e-commerce features that users expected, while also providing powerful order management, warehouse, inventory, and fulfillment functionality

In less than six months, HotWax Systems delivered a solution that met all of the company’s specialized needs. Employee morale improved as filling, shipping and tracking orders became a simple, smooth process. Customers were happy because they received their orders more quickly, and with fewer errors. The company was able to take the entire operation to a whole new level.

“The HotWax Commerce platform gave us a huge head start when we re-platformed after outgrowing our old system. HotWax Systems helped us quickly and economically launch a responsive, mobile-first B2C store that looks great and also supports our rapidly expanding B2B business. The technology flexes to meet our needs, and not the other way around. The HotWax team is skilled, communicative, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend the HotWax Commerce platform and HotWax Systems professional services.”Danny Payne, Founder, Skootz

Empowered by a Powerful, Integrated Solution that Can Support Unlimited Growth

Skootz now enjoys a system that goes well beyond the storefront to manage the entire order lifecycle, delivers a smooth user experience and redefines operational efficiency. Employees are happier, customers are better satisfied, and the business continues to grow. Skootz can now confidently plan for a successful future, knowing that its customized digital commerce solution from HotWax Systems can scale to support all of its future goals.

“Since implementing HotWax Commerce, managing our inventory is a simple, efficient process. It’s like night and day compared with our previous system. Our employees are happy with the ease of tracking inventory and filling orders. Our customers are happy with their on-time deliveries and smooth checkout experiences. Making the switch to HotWax Systems was absolutely a smart business decision.”Danny Payne, Founder, Skootz