HotWax Commerce Connect

Love your Magento digital commerce system? Want to expand its ERP capabilities? Now you can love Magento even more with HotWax Commerce Connect, an extension that empowers Magento users to access flexible HotWax Commerce tools to easily manage the entire order-to-cash process.

Magento is one of the most prevalent e-commerce platforms in use today. Its feature set, ease of use, and availability make it a popular choice for merchants looking to sell online. HotWax Commerce Connect allows Magento users to leverage the strengths of their existing e-commerce system along with the powerful back-end features of HotWax Commerce to create an enterprise class digital commerce solution.

ERP for Magento: Complete Order-to-Cash Management

Order management, inventory management, & fulfillment are the trifecta of managing a successful e-commerce business. Magento can help bring customers to your site and convert them into sales but lacks the back-end functionality of an enterprise-class ERP system. HotWax Commerce Connect links users to sophisticated ERP for Magento. It manages the order-to-cash cycle, handles orders from multiple sources, tracks inventory, and efficiently fulfills orders. The result? Happier customers, fewer errors, higher profits, and more growth opportunities.

HotWax Commerce Connect for Magento - Order to Cash Management

HotWax Commerce Connect Features

We’ve built in all the most-requested ERP features. Connect with:

OFBiz Konnect for Magento Screenshot


Delivers a central, easy to use order management system to create, edit, or cancel orders originating within Magneto or from other channels.


Offers criteria-driven pick list generation, split shipments, multiple carriers, barcode scanning, and more.

Financial Management

Create invoices, view payments, and run basic financial statements in HotWax Commerce.


Provides ATP, QOH, and multiple locations, synced with your Magento store. Create POs, receive and put away new inventory. Transfer between multiple locations.


Tracks RMAs through each step of the process, including initiation, receipt of the goods, replacement or refund.

Business Intelligence

Provides analytical data and reports to inform smart business decisions.

HotWax Commerce is a digital commerce solution built on OFBiz by HotWax Systems. To learn more about how HotWax Commerce can take your operation to a whole new level, call us at 888.850.2820 or contact us here.

HotWax Commerce Connect bridges the gap between Magento and HotWax Commerce. Allowing the complex business functions necessary for successful e-commerce transactions to be harmoniously completed across two systems, maximize the capabilities of both systems providing you with the power and agility with to respond to market trends and drive digital commerce.

HotWax Commerce connects with Magento

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This is a stable release that requires unmodified* Magento Versions and later and HotWax Commerce 6.0, or unmodified* Magento Versions and later and OFBiz 13.07 and later.

* Users of modified versions of Magento please contact us for personalized assistance


Need support or assistance? Contact us at 888.850.2820.