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Dynamic sales & promotions engine

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To keep your customers coming back, you need fresh and exciting promotions. But with many of today’s e-commerce platforms you either can’t create promos, or their limited options are too difficult and frustrating to figure out. With the HotWax Commerce promotion engine, you can create multiple and varied promotions quickly and easily, while our creative features let you custom-configure them to do and say exactly what you need.

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    Targeted promos

    Create promos for all customers, limited groups, or individuals

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    Custom incentives

    Offer free shipping, BOGO, dollar or percentage off, by product, by category, and by total purchase amount, special offer, and more

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    Promo tracking

    Track one-off or multi-use promo codes

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    Flexible scheduling

    Set start and end dates

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    Cart options

    Provide in-cart features

Streamline your pro program

The pros are important to your business – they’re not just brand ambassadors, but influencers for the rest of your customers. That’s why you want a program that gives your pros the perks they deserve without getting bogged down managing a time consuming system with manual tasks. To deliver a gold medal pro program, go with the HotWax Commerce sales and promotion engine.

Easily validate your exclusive users with online registration and detailed credentialing

Create multiple simultaneous promotions to targeted individuals and groups with ease

Provide curated product catalog offerings — tailor offers to audiences

Offer tiered product discounts based on “pro cred” or other criteria

Distribute and redeem single or multi-use coupon codes electronically

Custom features without a custom platform

Intuitive cross selling is no longer a specialized e-commerce feature reserved for deep-pocketed, behemoth retailers. When you want to create a path that recommends preferred merchandise to correspond with items already in a customer’s cart— that’s what the HotWax Commerce platform delivers. Our customizable, cross-selling capabilities work seamlessly with our flexible promotion capabilities. It’s all part of the HotWax Commerce promotion engine and it’s how we’re empowering you to not just sell, but to sell smarter.

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