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Robust product information management

Manage what matters

Keeping your products up to date, priced according to changes in the market, and integrated across one system can be a full time job if your ERP platform can’t keep up. And before you know it, that product information you thought you were managing  it’s managing you. If you’re working overtime just to keep up, it may be time for a better PIM system.

  • Does your business offers a wide array of products across multiple sales channels?
  • Does your product line change frequently?
  • Is your product information stored in multiple systems, requiring updates  in multiple places?
  • Is your team is losing valuable hours struggling through  complex and inefficient processes?

A simple switch

You can’t afford to waste another day with a PIM system that has to be micromanaged. With HotWax Commerce, say goodbye to scattered information and complicated processes. Easily manage your product information across all distribution channels with our unified platform that delivers:

One intuitive user interface to manage all of your products and categories

Support for multiple languages and currencies

A centralized catalog that allows you to select which channels offer which products

Easy management of standard, bundled, digital and variant products

Add, edit and remove products and categories with ease

Straightforward product cost and pricing management

Customer review, audit, and approval

Free yourself from inefficiencies.

From complex pricing structures to the simplest product edits, our powerful Product Information Management functionality empowers your users to efficiently manage processes across a broad range of channels, all in one place. Get back to managing your business and let HotWax Commerce manage your platform capabilities.

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