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Kudos to the HotWax Systems team members who participated in the 48-hour marathon Angular Attack 2016 event. Our awesome team developed and implemented a cool app in that very short time frame. While our entry did not win, participants agree that it was a fun and valuable experience. Here’s what the team says:

“It was an amazing experience to compete in Angular Attack. We got to learn how to get the most from ourselves and our team in terms of team building and knowledge implementation. Those non-stop 48 hours of tremendous effort were well worth it because of the super heroic feeling we experienced while while learning and implementing the framework.”–Rahul Bhooteshwar

The mind needs new creative experiences

Angular Attack“In addition to the daily routine of coding, the mind needs new, creative experiences. As a team we are on the lookout for new challenges. Rahul Bhammarker brought the Angular Attack event to our attention, and we decided to go for it. Within minutes, we assembled a team and registered. Then came the difficult question: what would we develop for the event? We could develop any utility base application, so the field was wide open. Everyone started throwing ideas at each other like snowballs! Soon we had a solid plan.

Deepak leveraged his creativity and ideas for the UI design. Everyone else was busy coding modules. Ashish provided the facility and resources so that we could work without distraction.

We were so into it that we didn’t even notice time passing. Forty (sleepless) hours later, we were on the verge of the completing the application. Then it was time to wrap up things and test the application at the developer level. I remember that no one was looking tired at all and I wondered how that could be possible.

It was a great experience. We faced many challenges in those 48 hours. There were moments of failure and moments of success. But more importantly , there were many moments of happiness because of being together. We were able to accomplish much more than we had planned. We didn’t mind at all that we didn’t “win” because it was such an amazing experience.”–Anuj Jain

We gained significant expertise in Angular 2

13260182_1149091861808553_1859917281041510628_n“As an art lover and a UI/Website design enthusiast, I stay informed about emerging design trends in the software industry. So when our team heard about the Angular Attack competition it was a great opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge design process. It was a challenging experience for us to design the UI for the whole project within 48 hours. But the team did a fantastic job without even minding the lack of sleep.

It was awesome to work with my colleagues, Rahul Bhooteshwar, Rahul Bhammarker and Anuj Jain. We gained significant expertise in Angular 2 within a very short period of time and worked well together to achieve the goal of “A Good Design with All Angular 2 Capabilities”. The team had great support from Ashish Vijaywargiya and other HotWax Systems team members.

We may not have been the official “winners” but our team’s efforts earned very nice reviews, comments from around the globe, and lots of appreciation from the experts in our own office. Here is the link of our project named Unity”.–Deepak Baghel

Throughout the event, people visited to cheer us on

13244763_1149091821808557_3305813205927130365_n“As a technology enthusiast and an Angular lover, I stay current about news related to Angular. I could see that Angular 2 was going to be “next big thing”. To be confident with technology, you must first implement a complete project that makes it to production. So when I heard about Angular Attack I thought it was a great opportunity to get significant Angular experience. We registered for the Angular Attack event and formed a team.

It was really an amazing experience to do something I enjoyed so much–and to be able to share the experience with people who feel the same way. Our team was exceptionally well balanced, with Deepak as our UI/UX expert, Rahul as our development/ deployment expert and Anuj as our problem-solving genius who could patch any problem. Initially, Anuj didn’t know quite as much about Angular 2 as much as Rahul and I did, so he spent two nights getting himself up to speed. This accelerated learning, along with the demands of the event, meant that he slept just 4 hours a day for 4 days in a row!

Having said that, it was not that easy to learn and implement an application in just 48 hours. I wondered if we would be able to do it. But the team performed so well and we achieved even more than we thought we would.The support we received from our colleagues was one of the best things about the experience. Throughout the event, people visited to cheer us on. It was a really motivating and helped us keep going when things were difficult. We succeeded– not just because we were committed to participating and wanted to win– but also because we loved what we were doing!”–Rahul Bhammarker

Love this gracious notification email

Kudos also to Angular Attack for issuing such a gracious and inclusive results-notification email.

Subject: Thank you for participating in Angular Attack 2016

Thank you for participating in Angular Attack 2016! We hope you had an amazing time. This was the first year of the competition and we are so happy to have you included!

Unfortunately you were not one of the winners this year. Voting isn’t an exact science. Our judges take time out of their busy schedules to do this voluntarily, and while we want every entry that is submitted to get a large number of judge reviews, it just isn’t realistic. We strive to improve our voting process every year and we’d love any suggestions you might have. Our goal with these competitions isn’t to focus on who wins and who loses. The Angular community is so passionate, and we want to give everyone a chance to come together, support each other and have a good time.

You should feel extremely proud to have created something in 48 hours. Our next steps is to help you promote your amazing work. The app you submitted will be shown on Angular Attack forever, so we want to make sure you can include this in your portfolio. We will be following up shortly to chat more about how we can help you promote your entry.

Angular Attack Organizers

DATE: Aug 5, 2016
AUTHOR: Teresa Zundel
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