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OFBiz Open Source

We support and elevate the OFBiz open source community with more than 75,000 hours contributed to development communities, and the Apache software foundation. Apache OFBiz allows for a single-source system to function across a wide variety of business divisions within an organization making for a true omnichannel experience.

Experience, expertise, and commitment are the foundation of the HotWax Systems’ team. Through more than 20 years of dynamic leadership, we excel in the areas of business application development, the elevation of software development excellence, and influencing how businesses innovate and prepare to be on the cutting edge of the next big thing. We are leaders in change and adaptation.

OFBiz Open Source Integrated Business Applications

The applications within OFBiz are designed to work together on top of a shared data model. This allows for a single-source system to function across a wide variety of business divisions within an organization. For example, an organization can run B2C e-commerce, B2B digital commerce, order management, warehouse, fulfillment, and procurement – all on the same integrated OFBiz system.

OFBiz is both front-end and database agnostic. That means that custom front-end development can be accomplished in any technology (e.g. Bootstrap, Angular, JQuery, iOS, Android, etc.). A wide variety of databases are also supported (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Spark, and others). OFBiz runs in Apache Tomcat, so it does not require a Java EE server such as JBoss. Developers can run OFBiz on their laptops, and can come up-to-speed quickly, working with OFBiz experts on a co-development project.


It’s your vision. How will you accomplish it?

HotWax Systems offers open source Apache OFBiz enterprise business solutions that support dynamic technology with an unmatched value and an unending commitment to long-term client success.