Professional Services – An OFBiz Service Provider

The Best Apache OFBiz Service Provider in the Industry

HotWax Systems’ professional analysts, architects, designers, and developers implement and support many of the most successful enterprise-grade Apache OFBiz® systems in the world. Our HotWax Commerce platform is based on OFBiz and was designed and developed in-house, using our own professional services best-practices. We bring that same level of expertise to our clients’ projects, driving innovation and supporting success.

Circle Process Diagram

Our Team

Our professional services team includes many of the best OFBiz developers and experts in the world. We employ a large number of core committers to the Apache OFBiz project, and our CTO chairs the OFBiz project management committee for Apache. HotWax Commerce is powered by a strategic selection of Apache open source projects, and we continuously drive innovation in the Apache community. Our active open source project leadership–and significant technology contributions– further the usefulness of Apache OFBiz development for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are recognized as the global leaders in OFBiz, based on our expertise with the technology, and our strategy in delivering solutions.

Our Process

Our professional services process has been refined over time and is adaptable to any client project. Whether our OFBiz service professionals are working on a new HotWax Commerce system or joining an existing OFBiz project that is already underway, our experience on projects of different sizes in a variety of industries has prepared us to make valuable contributions from day one in support of our clients’ success.

Our Apache OFBiz Professional Services Model

  1. Initiation: During the initiation of the project, we discuss the direction of the technology and how that will influence your business. We review best practices, discuss pitfalls to avoid, and together we define a successful project. If we find a good fit, we make the collaboration official.
  2. Requirements Gathering: The requirements gathering phase helps us get on the same page in detail. We may map existing business processes, identify areas for improvement, create use cases, and conduct a gap analysis to understand the efforts required and the order of operations.
  3. Project Planning: Next we plan the execution of the project in detail, creating a project road map and sorting priorities. Based on our initiation conversations and requirements gathering, we finalize a team size, estimate duration and budget, and begin iterative, sprint-based development.
  4. Analysis / Development: During this phase we are continuously architecting, designing, analyzing, and implementing your system. Our internal teams conduct daily stand-up meetings, and we like to conduct client meetings weekly at a minimum to review progress and clarify outstanding questions. We use mailing lists, wiki, phone, chat, and other tools in an ongoing fashion to keep communication crystal clear. We share project planning documents and an issue tracker transparently so all participants have access to all the project information all the time. We generally work in two-week iterations, releasing the latest version of your system regularly and often, giving you a chance to interact and provide feedback.
  1. QA and Testing: Our experience with QA and testing procedures is comprehensive, and in practice we adapt our QA and testing to meet the needs of the client project. QA and testing often includes automated Selenium testing and unit testing, system documentation, and performance testing. We use multiple instances to cleanly separate and manage development, staging, and production environments.
  2. Delivery: Because we are collaborating regularly throughout the process, releasing your system regularly and often for your review and feedback, delivery should be free from any surprises. Our expert team brings extensive experience on your behalf in supporting a smooth delivery and production deployment.
  3. Training, Maintenance, Support: Our team is available to train any combination of your developers and your end-users. We also maintain and support client systems, ensuring coverage for any complex requirements or new feature development as well as giving you the support you need to keep your system optimized and running smoothly.

Engagement Model

We know that delivering the best digital commerce systems to our clients requires an expert, flexible, reliable team. Our engagement model delivers a dedicated client team / resource level throughout the project, making velocity more manageable and budget completely predictable. We also maintain a deep bench of world-class OFBiz engineers, business analysts, UX designers / developers, and project managers, so you can access them when (and only when) you need them, saving considerable staffing time and expense. Our expert staff ensures that you have access to the right resources, right when you need them, making us a top OFBiz service provider.

We love what we do

We are having a great time, and it shows. You can expect your HotWax Systems team of OFBiz service professionals to provide an honest, open, diligent, positive attitude and a clear commitment to your success. Contact us today to learn more about HotWax Commerce, powered by Apache OFBiz.