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Order Search in OFBiz Powered by Solr

While evaluating an E-commerce ERP platform for your business, enterprise search will likely be one of the requirements. Having Google-like quick, relevant, and auto-suggestion enabled search througho

AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey

Order Manager Use Cases and JMeter Tests Implementation

In our last blog post covering some of the most important use cases for an e-commerce system, we shared details about some use cases that are fundamental to any ecommerce solution. This article contin

AUTHOR: Ashish Vijaywargiya

Apache OFBiz Support July-August 2014

Here are some quick links for Apache OFBiz support and guidance that HotWax Media has provided to the users and developers around the world in the months of July and August 2014. Resources for using A

AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey

Apache OFBiz Performance Check

If you are looking for an open source enterprise automation framework, Apache OFBiz may very well be your best choice! Naturally, OFBiz performance and scalability is one of the first topics you will

AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey

OFBiz Performance Tip: sync vs async

  Apache OFBiz is HotWax Media’s enterprise ERP application development framework of choice, and scalability and performance are critically important for OFBiz systems. Requirements vary widely a

AUTHOR: Jacopo Cappellato

JUnit Tests in OFBiz – Data Setup and Execution

  Yesterday I was discussing some JUnit designs with my colleagues and we came across one of my old mailing list discussions (Preparing Test Data for JUnit Tests) with Apache OFBiz cofounder Davi

AUTHOR: Mridul Pathak

Solr Enterprise Search Meeting OFBiz (Part – 2)

In my last post Solr Enterprise Search Meeting OFBiz (Part – 1) we saw how to setup Apache Solr on your local computer for development. In this post we are going to see how to get it to work with Apac

AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey

Solr Enterprise Search Meeting OFBiz (Part – 1)

In my last post Apache Solr Enterprise Search we saw how Solr can help bring modern search capabilities to your business applications. In this post we are going to explain how to install Solr locally

AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey

HotWax University

We’ve been running an intensive internal Apache OFBiz training program for many years now. Earlier this year, we officially branded the program as HotWax University. HotWax U differentiates us from ou

AUTHOR: Mike Bates

Apache Solr Enterprise Search

Many decisions arise when building large ERP applications that can impact how much the application can help the business run more smoothly. Choosing the correct search platform is one of these that of

AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey

How To Edit The Product Page Content In OFBiz

We have just added another OFBiz demo video. This videos details how to edit the product page content in OFBiz through a custom content management system that we developed. In the video we address SEO

AUTHOR: Patrick Gibbons

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