OFBiz Community Day Bug Crush Underway–Open Call for Participants

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OFBiz Community Day Bug Crush

Join HotWax Systems for an OFBiz Community Day Bug Crush Event!

HotWax Systems OFBiz Community Day–You’re Invited

An OFBiz Community Day Bug Crush event is underway at HotWax Systems, and will  continue for  approximately 8 hours. Join us in working on bugs, improvements, discussing potential improvements and more. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, and to  get to know your fellow users better.

Link to Jira Sprint

To make it easier to participate, a sprint has been created in JIRA, see:

Join Via Skype

If you prefer a more dynamic interaction, join our Skype group, which you can access here:

We are committed to continuing to support the open source community and look forward to broadening the circle of participants in our OFBiz Community Day Bug Crush events. Join us!

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