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OFBiz Tutorial: Setup OFBiz Connect for Magento

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OFBIZ Tutorial- Setup OFBiz Connect for Magento: Apache OFBiz is an excellent fulfillment platform, not only for orders placed on native OFBiz e-commerce stores, but also from external e-commerce stores like Magento and other platforms. Yesterday, HotWax Systems released OFBiz Connect, an open source plugin that easily links Magento with the robust ERP management functionality of OFBiz. This OFBiz tutorial focuses on how to set up OFBiz Connect for Magento.


  • An Apache OFBiz instance running 13.07 or later (for more details refer to: OFBiz Home)
  • A  Community or Enterprise edition Magento instance (for more details please refer to Magento Installation)
  • OFBiz Connect should be placed in the OFBiz “specialpurpose” directory
Follow these steps to setup OFBiz Connect for Magento
  1. Link OFBiz with Magento
  2. Create SOAP users and roles in Magento
  3. Setup WS-I Compliance Related Settings
  4. Configure OFBiz

1. Two Options for Linking OFBiz Connect with Magento

There are two way to link OFBiz Connect with Magento:

  1. Download the OFBizConnect source code available at
    a. Copy OFBizConnect/app/code/community/OFBiz folder into your Magento installation directory app/code/community/
    b. Copy OFBizConnect/app/etc/modules/OFBiz_Magentoext.xml into your Magento installation directory app/etc/modules/
  2. Upload the plugin to the Magento instance
    a. Use the plugin attached to OFBIZ jira ticket OFBIZ-6236.
    b. Follow the steps to upload the plugin on Magento
    — Sign in to your Magento store admin panel.
    – Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.
    – Upload plugin file(OFBiz_Connect-1.0.0.tgz) from ‘Direct package file upload’ section of page.
    – Return to admin panel
    – Flush Magento cache by clicking on ‘Flush Magento Cache’ button on system -> cache management page

2. Create a user and a user role in Magento for OFBiz webservices

Note: This user and user role will be used by OFBiz integration services to establish the connection with Magento.  To create  a user and a user role, follow these steps:

A) Create a Role

1. Login into the Magento admin application and go to the dashboard screen (http://magentohost/admin/)

2. Go to System => Web Services => SOAP/XML-RPC – Roles

screen-01 OFBC

3. Click the “Add New Role” button

screen-02 OFBC4. Fill in the “Role Name” and save the role

screen-03 OFBC

5. Go to  the “Role Resources” tab, under the “Role Information” section. Select “All” from the “Resource Access” drop-down and save by clicking the “Save Role” button

screen-04 OFBC

B) Create a User

1. Go to System => Web Services => Soap/XML-RPC – Users

screen-05 OFBC

2. Click on  the”Add New User” button and fill in the form details

Magento admin SOAP
3. Go to the “User Role” tab, under  the “User Information” section and select the role you created during steps outlined above and click on the “Save User” button

screen-08 OFBC

3. Setup WS-I Compliance Related Settings

1. Login into the Magento admin application and go to the dashboard screen (http://magentohost/admin/)

2. Go to System => Configuration => Services => Magento Core API and set ‘WS-I Compliance’ and ‘Enable WSDL Cache’ fields to Yes

Magento admin

4. Configure OFBiz

You are now ready to configure OFBiz in order to access Magento webservices.

1. Check out the Magento component from github:  and put it in the hot-deploy folder of OFBiz

2. Load seed, seed-initial and ext data readers of the Magento component. Please run the command as: ./ant load-readers -Ddata-readers=seed,seed-initial,ext

3. Go to the configuration screen https://ofbizhost/magento/control/main and login

Screen 10 OFBC

Enter the url of the Magento instance and the username/password of the SOAP user created in Magento.

4. After submitting the configuration page, you will see the following screen. Click on the Import button to get settings and information from the Magento instance and auto populate it into OFBiz.
Screen 11 OFBC

5. Finally you will see a screen displaying all of the imported information. Follow any instructions that are displayed. The setup should now be complete. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Photo credit: opensourceway / Foter / CC BY-SA

DATE: Apr 14, 2015
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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In ofbiz configuration step 4 this link – https://ofbizhost/magento/control/main give me 404 error how can i resolve this issue please help me out.
Thanks in advance.

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