OFBiz 13.07 Server Configuration & Cost-AWS/1,000 OPD

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calculate OFBiz 13.07 server configuration and cost on AWSIn our November 18th  blog post we published load testing procedures and results for OFBiz 13.07 running a scenario of 1,000 OPD. Today we’ll share practical information about what sort of server configuration you would need on AWS in order to facilitate 1,000 OPD and what you might expect to pay for this.

OFBiz 13.07 server configuration on AWS-1,000 OPD

After performing load tests on various sets of instances on AWS, we determined that the optimal suitable set of servers to deliver 1,000 OPD  is as follows:

S.No.NameInstance Type#CPURAM(GB)
1Apache serverm3.medium13.75
2OFBiz 01(main)c3.large23.75
3OFBiz 02(jobsandbox)m3.medium13.75
4Database serverdb.m3.medium13.75

Note: we used architecture as outlined in a previous blog post:  Technical Design for Apache OFBiz load testing with Apache JMeter. This is the optimal set of servers that can run OFBiz for business in the 800-1,200 OPD range.

OFBiz 13.07 server configuration with added pricing information 

Next, let’s take a look at the same configuration information, this time adding a column containing price-per-hour details that can help you calculate the overall cost of setup on AWS:

S.No.NameInstance Type#CPURAM(GB)Price per hour
1Apache serverm3.medium13.75$0.070
2OFBiz 01(main)c3.large23.75$0.105
3OFBiz 02(jobsandbox)m3.medium13.75$0.070
4Database serverdb.m3.medium13.75$0.090

Total estimated cost per month for OFBiz 13.07 server configuration setup on AWS  

Finally, let’s calculate the total setup cost for this set of server for a month:

(0.070*24*30) + (0.105*24*30) + (0.070*24*30) + (0.090*24*30) = 242

(Additional cost of RDS server is 0.115 per GB -per month)

We can now calculate that for  the setup setup detailed above, the  estimated cost-per-month is approximately $242.00.

Note: It is important to have an accurate sense of a typical price range for the  overall cost of setup on AWS. Keep in mind that pricing may vary from region to region.The prices listed above were calculated for the  US East (N. Virginia) region.

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