Open Source ERP – HotWax Commerce

Powered by Apache OFBiz™ (OFBiz), HotWax Commerce is an open source, enterprise-class, digital commerce and enterprise resource planning platform, offering complete ownership and control with absolutely no licensing fees. HotWax Commerce is built on Java technologies and includes a suite of applications for web, mobile, and desktop environments. HotWax Commerce as an ERP, is also a powerful development framework, and provides integrations with several popular external applications. Thanks to a comprehensive set of framework APIs, and a universal data model shared by all applications, functionality is flexible and can be customized and extended in order to fit the specific needs of any business application.

HotWax Commerce Capabilities

HotWax Commerce empowers you to fully own your digital commerce platform. It fosters business agility and strategically combines in-house product development with open source projects including Apache OFBiz, Apache SOLR, Ionic Framework and Apache Cordova, Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark, and others, to deliver a service-oriented architecture capable of quickly implementing and customizing business processes to match the needs of your individual business.

Primary Benefits


With HotWax Commerce, you own your ERP system and you own your data. You have full strategic control and full access to the source code. No licensing fees and no vendor-lock.


Without licensing fees to drain your budget, you can focus your resources on designing, implementing, maintaining, and evolving an ERP system that is custom fitted to your individual business needs.


In a constantly changing business landscape, HotWax Commerce allows for rapid design, implementation, and deployment, customized to your business. Leverage existing services and applications to minimize the effort required to deliver. Once deployed, your HotWax Commerce ERP digital commerce platform enables you to efficiently and effectively manage ongoing business processes.


Run many standard business process requirements with minimal development using existing services and applications. Flex and customize your system to extend core functionality, create custom applications, and integrate with partner systems with ease.


HotWax Commerce offers a modern HTML5, CSS3, MVC front end and ships with JSON-RPC as well as integrations with Bootstrap, Angular, and JQuery. Start there, or enjoy the freedom to choose any other front end technologies that are best suited for your system.


HotWax Commerce is an enterprise resource planning platform powered by a strategic selection of open source projects, including Apache OFBiz, allowing the ability to maintain a stable core while simultaneously driving and leveraging innovation in complementary technologies. From enterprise search (SOLR/Lucene) to hybrid mobile apps (Ionic / Cordova) to big data (Cassandra / Spark) we have our finger on the pulse of the world’s leading open source software and put that knowledge to work for your business.


HotWax Commerce supports a variety of databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many others. We also support NoSQL database and BigData analysis technologies like Cassandra and Spark, allowing you to implement business intelligence tools, gather and process log data, and otherwise leverage the power of big data however you choose.  Manage partner, product, and order data when, where, and how you choose. 


HotWax Commerce runs in Apache Tomcat, and therefore does not require JBoss or any other Java EE server. Java developers can run it on their laptops, and generally pick up HotWax Commerce development quickly. Our co-development, documentation, and support services speed up the process. 

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