The greater outdoors

Unify your commerce platform to boost your business efficiency and get back to doing what you love.

Expanding your business should be a big opportunity – not a big hassle. But that’s what happens when your systems struggle to communicate. The results of your separate systems are higher costs, more mistakes, longer hours and unhappy customers.

HotWax Commerce brings all of your back office and e-commerce systems together. With tens of thousands of hours and nearly a decade invested in e-commerce and ERP solutions, we’ve developed a simple, affordable, fast-to-implement platform that grows with your expanding business. We understand the specific brand guidelines and technology needs of outdoor companies after many years working with brands like Black Diamond, SCARPA and Patagonia.

Go take a hike

You started this business because you love the outdoors – now get back outside. With less time managing inventory, tracking backorders, and untangling warehouse issues, you’ll enhance your business efficiency, so you’ll have more time to hit the slopes or run your favorite trails.  

Expand your horizons

Just because it’s an omnichannel world doesn’t mean your ecommerce platform should be all over the map. B2B, B2C, Pro Purchase, Mobile, and more, HotWax Commerce manages all of your orders from every sales channel in one place for an optimal customer experience.

Be pro active

The pros are important to your business – as high-profile users of your  brand, they’re powerful influencers for the rest of your customers. From pro-specific discounts and promotions on your select gear to athlete pages with pics and videos, our pros understand your pros.

Forecast calls for snow

Making predictions is easy when you’re not toggling between platforms. Knowing when you’re about to sell out or when to reorder, that’s predictive inventory analysis. HotWax Commerce has it. Stay ahead so you can jump on the next epic snow day without worrying about the biz.

From the implementation of our original site, to the multi-brand expansion, to the launch of our mobile site, HotWax has expertly adapted and evolved with us in this dynamic space.Kim Miller, CEO,
    SCARPA North America

You want it, we’ve got it all.

HotWax Commerce offers industry specific functionality including:

Pro program

make it easy for brand ambassadors and influencers to buy and promote your gear. Allows greater customization specific to your pro audience.


generate multiple promotions quickly and easily, tailored to specific customer segments. Run concurrent promotions– with varying discounts– to multiple groups and track their effectiveness.


let customers quickly find dealers around the world, and let dealers order online through your B2B portal, all included.

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