HotWax Systems offers a full set of consulting services based on the Moqui Ecosystem of open source projects. From initial consultation, documentation, and system design through complete implementation and ongoing support, HotWax has the experience and resources required to tackle your Moqui project with superb technical expertise and dedicated account management. With 20 years of web application development experience, offices and key individuals on four continents, and a deep commitment to open source software, HotWax is uniquely positioned to help you succeed with Moqui.

HotWax Systems has been a strong Moqui supporter from the beginning. HotWax sponsored David Jones’ definitive book on Moqui, Making Apps with Moqui – Holistic Enterprise Applications Made Easy and built our own internal project management application on Moqui. This makes HotWax one of the earliest companies that have built, deployed, and run mission critical business processes on the Moqui Ecosystem.


Anil Patel Consulting on Moqui


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The Moqui Ecosystem is the latest innovation from David Jones, who along with Andrew Zeneski was the founder and primary author of Apache OFBiz. Moqui is similar to, but also different from, OFBiz. The Moqui Ecosystem includes the Moqui Framework, a powerful Java-based enterprise application development framework. It also includes Mantle Business Artifacts, which is a set of business artifacts for use in developing applications. Finally, the ecosystem also includes some applications that have already been released, such as HiveMind for project management and POP Commerce for retail and wholesale e-commerce and ERP. Taken together, the Moqui Ecosystem is a whole series of open source projects with dozens of code repositories covering the framework, tool integrations, the mantle projects including UDM and USL, and various applications.

Moqui is not an Apache project. It is free and open source software that has been released in the public domain. To achieve this, Moqui uses the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication along with a Grant of Patent License.

The Moqui codebase is professionally moderated, and the community includes users, sponsors, contributors, and moderators. Changes to the code base are closely tracked and scrutinized, requiring detailed review by a qualified moderator.