Case Studies

The Story.

Cabi is the largest direct-sales clothing company in the United States. Not only is the company successful in the fashion industry, but is also passionate about empowering women to find freedom through rewarding careers.

Today, there are more than 3,000 cabi Consultants and 80,000 Hostesses in all 50 states. In addition, by the end of 2015, through the W.E. are Cabi and Make a Change programs, cabi will have created and supported approximately 6,000 jobs in the developing world, and will have provided 26,000 adults and children with a better life.

The company needed a commerce system that could keep up with skyrocketing sales, including:

  • The capacity to process in excess of 20,000 orders per hour
  • Scale rapidly and efficiently
  • Transcend the functional limitations of the legacy system
  • Facilitate a speedy future development process
  • Demonstrate exceptional technical agility


The Solution.

“We selected HotWax Systems because the team brought extensive OFBiz experience,” said Kris Shenk, CIO for cabi.

Using the HotWax Commerce platform as an accelerator, HotWax Systems leveraged its world-class OFBiz custom consulting capabilities to meet and exceed cabi’s commerce needs and technology expectations.

“After an exhaustive evaluation of possible platform options, we selected an Apache, Java based open-source platform called OFBiz (Open for Business)” said Shenk. “The OFBiz platform gave a stable foundation for ERP functionality and jump-started the project without us having to go down the costly and risky road of building a custom solution from the ground up.

We used all the existing functionality, security, controls, process jobs, and leveraged the e-commerce engine capabilities. We added our “direct-selling” flavor by making application extensions.”


The Next Chapter.

Demands on the system are high-volume and nonstop. Currently, a single system can display, track and process more than 20,000 orders per hour. Additional horsepower is added at the end of the month when volume peaks.

“After overcoming the usual implementation hurdles over a year ago, we are happily running our customized OFBiz solution,” said Kris Shenk, CIO for cabi. “We continue to improve and enhance existing functionality.”

“One of the things you try to do as a technologists is to make life easier for your consultants,” Shenk noted, “in this case, our consultants. My team and I build technology to support the business and specifically to position it to support the critical relationships that are the true foundation of cabi.”

In support of its consultants and stylists, cabi recently partnered with HotWax Systems to develop and launch CLIO go, a technology-forward, stylist-focused mobile app.


Innovative fashion company relies on HotWax Systems Custom OFBiz Consulting and HotWax Commerce open-source commerce solution to deliver outstanding shopping experience.

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