Shopping for the modern woman: cabi launches first stylist-focused mobile app


Cabi works with HotWax Systems, launches stylist-focused mobile app “Clio Go”

Cabi, a HotWax Systems client, is a direct selling fashion apparel company that has focused on providing the ultimate “modern woman’s shopping experience” for nearly 10 years.

Cabi uses technology to empower women worldwide, not only through a direct-sales model that allows women to operate successful cabi consultancies, but also through The Heart of CAbi Foundation that funds micro-loans for women entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Today, the company announced the launch of its first stylist-focused mobile application, “CLIO Go”.  The new app is tailored to work within the unique cabi show framework and gives Stylists more time and greater flexibility to deliver that “personal touch” to customers.

“We worked with several partners, including HotWax Systems, to create an application that is not only a big milestone in cabi’s technology evolution, but also a starting point for a whole roadmap of planned mobile-enabled capabilities,” said Kris Shenk, VP of Technology for cabi. “This is one of the biggest steps in modernization for our Stylists since launching our new enterprise platform, CLIO, in 2014.”

HotWax Systems applauds Cabi’s commitment to empowering women worldwide

“Partnering with cabi to develop ‘CLIO Go’ has been an exciting project,” said Mike Bates, CEO, HotWax Systems. “Cabi’s ongoing commitment to  empowering women worldwide through forward-looking technology is an inspiration.”

“Our CTO, Brett Gregor, worked extensively with engineers to focus the app on the Stylist experience and in assuring the technology didn’t interrupt or interfere with the overall show experience for the customers,” Shenk noted. ” Preserving the personal relationship and attention customers love about a cabi show was the top priority.  We’re excited about using technology to support our Stylists today and also to attract new generations of Stylists who expect sophisticated, mobile ready tools.”

Learn more about how cabi uses technology to empower women worldwide

To learn more about how cabi uses technology to empower women worldwide, read this excellent article by Kris Shenk, VP of Technology for cabi.

DATE: Dec 17, 2015
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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