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HotWax Systems

HotWax Systems

Our customers are our partners and our partners use words like: skilled, hardworking, trustworthy, creative, inspiring, and extensively experienced to describe us. HotWax Systems works tirelessly to ensure the success of each client with exceptionally adaptive and custom Apache OFBiz solutions.

For us, providing partners with technology solutions that dismantle previous limitations means those companies now have technology freedom. That freedom pushes them to the forefront and allows them to be leaders of their industries. We’re proud to say our partners are leaders.

What HotWax Systems Clients Are Saying

“HotWax Systems as an organization proved to be a skilled, trustworthy, and hardworking vendor. When we needed an answer, their expertise shined. When we need a change to the source project, they were able to quickly design and integrate our changes for reuse by the entire community.”

~ Michael Knott, Sr. Manager – IT Applications Development

“We needed a partner… to be creative, inspiring, patient, and excel at detail management. HotWax Systems accomplished this and more.”

~ Kelli Gierz, Program Manager, Herman Miller

“We selected HotWax Systems because the team brought extensive OFBiz experience. The OFBiz platform gave a stable foundation for ERP functionality and jump-started the project without us having to go down the costly and risky road of building a custom solution from the ground up.”

~ Kris Shenk, CIO, Cabi


Vibrant businesses change.
Exceptional technology adapts.

When armed with technology freedom, companies can lead instead of follow. The team of experts at HotWax Systems can help to transform your business with technology solutions that dismantle previous limitations. We will get you “unstuck”, and enabled to leverage the power of opportunity.

Technology Freedom For The Win

The future of your tech is the future of your business

The strategy and operations of a business is shaped by technology. Using technology to your advantage means breaking free from costly, inflexible systems that may limit your potential. IT organizations across the globe are leading with custom solutions that enable dynamic businesses to evolve and grow. Because, when you own the tech, you own the strategic vision, and the roadmap to your success. What could your business achieve, if not limited by your tech?

Data-driven growth

High-performing businesses know that data is everything. The OFBiz data framework is largely recognized as the most powerful, scalable data model, expertly designed for future-proof business transformation. Added to that foundation is an all-inclusive suite of business tools, including ERP, OMS, PIM, WMS, and more. When businesses need solutions that build engagement, power innovation, and magnify profitability, OFBiz is the answer.

Unified omnichannel commerce

With customer data at the center of business, retail brands can provide a seamless, personalized customer experience across all channels. The HotWax Commerce platform was designed specifically for customer-focused, boundaryless retail operations in order to maximize brand value. The open core cloud ecosystem enhances speed-to-market and flexibility, so brands can quickly recognize value, and embrace the freedom to succeed.