Customer Relationship Management

Manage Data. Make Connections. Most companies are looking to efficiently manage and maintain business relationships. We want to help you go deeper. We know that real relationships keep your business alive and thriving. We like to remove the word “business” from the equation and just think about relationships. True customer relationship management software transcends business and moves into the realm of personal.

Our CRM software allows you to manage relationships by easily accessing the information and data that matters.

At HotWax Systems, we believe that custom is better than one-size-fits-all. All of your customers are not the same so the way you manage your relationships with them should reflect their individual needs and not some general idea of relationship.

Your customer relationship management software should keep relationships specific, organized, and connective. We offer features like B2B and B2C relationship management, individuals, groups, groups of groups, customers and vendor management, customer classification, sales, and order history. All of this is open source so you can scale as your business grows. Change the software to fit your specific needs and the specific relationships you have with your customers. At HotWax, we always believe that custom is better than one-size-fits-all.

It’s your vision. How will you accomplish it?

HotWax Systems offers OFBiz open source business solutions that support dynamic technology with the freedom to deliver unmatched value and unending commitment to client success.