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Our ERP Process

Whatever technology solution you need, we can build it. Our capabilities, Apache OFBiz services, and ERP process make true omnichannel a reality.

Most businesses operate under the idea that multichannel processing can pass for omnichannel. But for a true omnichannel experience you need seamless integration across all touchpoints. Our process will identify the custom ERP development that’s right for your business, making the customer experience more consistent and unified at each touchpoint.

An ERP process tailored to your business needs. You can’t afford to trust your business to a one-size-fits-all solution.


Initiation 1

During the initiation of the project, the team at HotWax will discuss the direction of the technology and how that will influence your business. They review best practices, discuss pitfalls to avoid, and together define a successful project. If a good fit is found, the collaboration is official.


Requirements Gathering 2

The requirements gathering phase is the most critical step in solution development as it helps to get on the same page, in detail. This process may include mapping of existing business processes, identification of areas for improvement, creation of use cases, and a gap analysis to understand the efforts required and the order of operations.


Project Planning 3

Next, the plan for the execution of the project is defined, creating a project road map and sorting priorities. Based on initiation conversations and requirements gathering, the team size, estimate duration and budget is analyzed, followed by iterative, sprint-based development.


Analysis / Development 4

The production phase involves a continuous process of architecting, designing, analyzing, and implementing the defined solution. There are daily stand-up meetings with HotWax engineers, and weekly meetings with the client to review progress and clarify outstanding questions. To keep communication fast and clear, the team leverages mailing lists, wiki, phone, chat, and other tools. Project planning documents and issue tracking are all transparent, with access shared with project stakeholders. The typical development cycle flows in two-week iterations, releasing the latest version regularly and often, to gain the feedback necessary to ensure client requirements are met.


Quality Management & Quality Assurance 5

QA and testing procedures are comprehensive, with the practice adapted to meet the exact needs of the project. The team maintains a QA practice, in compliance with the QMS ISO 9001:2015, which defines the standard that ensures consistency of quality in the delivery of products and services across an organization. There are multiple instances to cleanly separate and manage development, staging, and production environments, with documentation to match at every level.


Delivery 6

Surprises are minimized with a continuously collaborative process and regular releases to the client system. The expert team at HotWax brings extensive experience on your behalf in support of a smooth delivery and production deployment.


Training, Maintenance, Support 7

The team is available to train any combination of your developers and your end-users. They also maintain and support client systems, ensuring coverage for any complex requirements or new feature development as well as providing support needed to keep your system optimized and running smoothly.

It’s your vision. How will you accomplish it?

HotWax Systems offers OFBiz open source business solutions that support dynamic technology with the freedom to deliver unmatched value and unending commitment to client success.