Warehouse Management

There should never be any guesswork when it comes to warehouse management. The HotWax OFBiz Accelerator WMS is the science of efficiently operating warehouses and distribution systems. It manages the storage and movement of the material in a warehouse, from receiving, put-away, picking, and shipping.

Our warehouse management software flawlessly manages inventory, storage locations, and the workforce to ensure that the orders are picked, packed, and shipped.

Some of the Apache OFBiz Accelerator’s specific WMS features include: Picklist/Pack/Ship, Wave Picking, Realtime Inventory Tracking, ATP (Available to Promise) /QOH (Quantity on Hand), Cycle Counts, Vendor Management, Reorder Points, Auto PO Generation, Multi-warehouse, Bulk and Pick Locations, Stock Movement, Inbound Shipments, Receiving, Outbound Shipments and, Inventory Reconciliation.

Let us help your business effectively and efficiently distribute inventory.

It’s your vision. How will you accomplish it?

HotWax Systems offers OFBiz open source business solutions that support dynamic technology with the freedom to deliver unmatched value and unending commitment to client success.