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Apache OFBiz Accelerator | Digital Commerce Platform

Join the many who are seeing the benefits of our Apache OFBiz Accelerator product.

We’ve placed a full feature set into the Apache OFBiz Accelerator digital commerce platform. It comes standard with:

  • B2C and B2B eCommerce management capabilities
  • Warehouse/order/inventory management
  • Optimized screens and workflows
  • Various 3rd party integrations for payments and logistics
  • Native CMS to facilitate ongoing screen maintenance

What makes it different?

Unlike traditional proprietary digital commerce products that force you to pay license fees indefinitely, your Apache OFBiz Accelerator is yours to keep after your first year’s license fee is paid.

  • Maintain ongoing access to both binaries and source files
  • Use and customize your system, indefinitely

The HotWax Systems Accelerator empowers you to own and have full control over your system going forward. No limit to the number of users, no per-server or usage-based charges, no other fees, period.

Technology Leadership

For the past 20 years, the team at HotWax has been at the forefront of digital commerce. That experience led them to develop a comprehensive commerce solution that enables modern retailers to grow – without boundaries. The HotWax Apache OFBiz Accelerator delivers a unified omnichannel commerce platform to retailers, wholesalers, and brands, which drives top-line growth with the ability to deliver on a superior, seamless customer experience.

A Strong Foundation

The OFBiz Accelerator strategically combines in-house product development with open source projects including Apache OFBiz, Apache SOLR, Ionic Framework and Apache Cordova, Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark, and others, to deliver a service-oriented architecture capable of quickly implementing and customizing business processes to match the needs of your individual business.

Open Core Cloud Ecosystem

The end-to-end solution includes B2C and B2B eCommerce, a WMS, PIM, OMS, m-POS and more, to support: B2B2C eCommerce, Assisted Selling with Endless Aisle, BOPIS / click and collect, Distributed order management, reverse logistics, omnichannel coupon and voucher generation and redemption, enterprise inventory visibility, and much more

Technology Project Acceleration

When your software development project needs to advance with speed and agility, the HotWax OFBiz Accelerator puts your miles ahead. With so many business processes already built in, and a powerful data model made to scale, your project is easily successful. Whether system migration, new tech integration, or exclusive innovation, the OFBiz Accelerator provides what you need to expedite recognized value.

Build commerce smarter.
Grow sales faster.
Spend less.
OFBiz Accelerator.