HotWax Services

Ask yourself: where is my business now? Then imagine where you want your business to be. Now, the hard question; how are you going to get there? The answer is easy when you bring us into the equation. Because now you’re bringing in experience, expertise, and HotWax services that are unmatched in the field.

ERP Process. Get control and better facilitate your company’s operations across every department. With our open-source ERP, your system is tailored to your specific business’s needs. Enhance, inspect, and modify to suit the changes and challenges of your business.

Apache OFBiz. This is true omnichannel. A common architecture using common data, logic, and process components. Integrate and automate the bulk of your business processes. Build and customize for your needs and get work done better, faster, and more efficiently. We are Apache OFBiz masters, not a brag, just the way it happens to be.

Moqui Framework Development. Based on a decade of experience with Apache OFBiz, this is a clean, fresh framework that helps you build applications that will automatically handle myriad concerns. Moqui will significantly reduce the overall effort you’d normally be required to dedicate to every application you build


For more than 20 years, the team at HotWax has been helping to influence how businesses innovate, and prepare for “the next big thing”. They have been on the forefront of commerce, designing and deploying the most transformative business technologies that redefine and reshape brands.


With proven leadership in dynamic business application development, HotWax services bring a focus to business agility and profitability. That is why we are trusted by successful brands across the globe to drive business transformation, and digital disruption strategies.


HotWax is committed to excellence in software through support of the open source community, and the Apache Software Foundation. The Center of Engineering Expertise for OFBiz defines best practices across industries with more than 75,000 hours contributed to open source development.

It’s your vision. How will you accomplish it?