Over the course of the past year, the Apache Open for Business Project (OFBiz) has made amazing progress in a number of areas: from re-branding itself to compete with commercial ERP products to adding new integrations to increase the flexibility of the system, from providing new and improved theme support to the front and back-end applications to stabilizing the framework upon which all of these applications have been built, from welcoming much needed business users to expanding the number of committers in the project – it’s been a busy year. Needless to say, throughout all of it, HotWax Media has been right there contributing to the advancement of the project.


This is the intro to a four-part series, where I will highlight the contributions and donations that have been made by HotWax Media to OFBiz, during 2009. The series breakdown looks like this:

1. The OFBiz Project – the framework, utilities, infrastructure, general applications and marketing of the project.

2. OFBiz Ecommerce – frontend, backend, order management, inventory and marketing of your goods.

3. OFBiz ERP – accounting, manufacturing, warehouses and facility management

4. OFBiz Integrations – payment processing, shipping, multi-channel sales and more.

Stay tuned!

– Tim

TimRuppert is Chief Operating Officer at HotWax Media as well as an OFBiz project committer and active community member. Tim will join other HotWax Media employees and advisors in periodically posting thoughts here related to OFBiz, eCommerce, ERP, and related topics.


DATE: Nov 23, 2009
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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