Apache OFBiz Community Fixes Included in FreeMarker Release

1446137_38552300This summer we published a post about the popular Open Source template engine FreeMarker, one of the main building blocks of the Apache OFBiz framework. We announced that the FreeMarker community would soon release a new version containing important fixes for bugs. The fixes were discovered by the OFBiz community, including members of the HotWax Media team.

Collaboration Generates Action

We are pleased to announce that, after two release candidate cycles, the new bug fixed FreeMarker 2.3.21 was published a few days ago. This successful outcome underscores a long and fruitful collaboration between the communities of Apache OFBiz and FreeMarker.

FreeMarker Announcement

Here is the announcement from the FreeMarker website:

12 October 2014: FreeMarker 2.3.21 was released

This version comes with, among many others, further improved error messages, new range operators, streamlined conversions between XML Schema formats and FTL types, possibility of using ISO 8601 or XML Schema date/time/dateTime format as the default, improved overloaded method selection (has to be explicitly enabled), setting for dealing with JDBC date-only an time-only value zone issues, safer and more memory-efficient way of managing object wrapper singletons, more flexible configuring via string values (such as .properties file), etc.

Note that with this release we have changed our proprietary BSD-style license to the more familiar Apache License, Version 2.0.

Apache OFBiz 13.07.02

The Apache OFBiz trunk and the Apache OFBiz 13.07 branch have already been upgraded to the new FreeMarker 2.3.21; the next official OFBiz release that will be bundled with FreeMarker 2.3.21 will be OFBiz 13.07.02.

Ongoing Collaboration

The HotWax Media team remains committed to continuous improvement of Apache OFBiz. We look forward to ongoing, productive collaboration with other members of  the Apache OFBiz community, and other open source projects such as FreeMarker.

To find out more about OFBiz, please get in touch with us. Thanks for your time!

DATE: Oct 22, 2014
AUTHOR: Jacopo Cappellato
OFBiz Development, OFBiz