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Apache Logo Apache OFBiz® is a community-driven open source ERP framework that is a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation. The software is available under the Apache 2.0 software license, which means the software is both free of charge and appropriate for commercial application development purposes. Under the Apache 2.0 license, users are not required to open source the changes they make to the software. (This was a large motivating factor for HotWax Systems choosing to build HotWax Commerce, our e-commerce and ERP digital commerce platform, on top of OFBiz.)

Community participation is an important part of any open source project. The OFBiz community is fantastic, and includes many talented individuals and organizations around the globe. HotWax Systems plays a very active role in the OFBiz open source community: our CTO is the head of the OFBiz Project Management Committee, and we have many official project committers on our staff. Over the past 10 years, HotWax systems has contributed well over 15,000 volunteer hours to the OFBiz open source project.

Integrated suite of ERP applications

Apache OFBiz® is an integrated suite of ERP applications. Rather than being setup to run right out of the box, these OFBiz applications are designed to be flexible and customizable to real-world business requirements as part of an implementation and configuration process. The applications within OFBiz are designed to work together on top of a shared data model. This allows for a single-source system to function across a wide variety of business divisions within an organization. For example, an organization can run its B2C e-commerce, B2B digital commerce, order management, warehouse, fulfillment, and procurement, all on the same integrated OFBiz system.

OFBiz is both front-end and database agnostic. You can develop custom front ends in any technology you like (e.g. Bootstrap, Angular, JQuery, iOS, Android, etc.). You can operate on top of a wide variety of supported databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Spark, and others). OFBiz runs in Apache Tomcat, so it does not require a Java EE server such as JBoss. Developers can run OFBiz on their laptops, and can come up to speed quickly working with our OFBiz experts on a co-development project.

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