HotWax Systems Update

HotWax Systems Update June 2016

HotWax Systems Update, June 2016

It’s an exciting time for our company. There’s lots of growth, progress and learning happening here at HotWax Systems. From promotions to new hires to events, this HotWax Systems update is the place to get the latest news.


Patrick Gibbons was recently promoted to VP of Client Experience. He’s  dedicated to maximizing our clients’ success and has implemented a strategy that gives clients regular access to our product teams. In addition, he’s taken customer service to a whole new level by being available by phone to our clients and to our product development team 24/7.


We are thrilled that Ben Johnson has recently come on board as our first Director of Sales. His hire is a significant landmark in the landscape of our company’s development. His proactive, can-do approach is already making a difference, and we’re looking forward to discovering  what we can accomplish together.

Leading the way

COO Anil Patel and CTO Jacopo Cappellato  continue to lead by example. They are regularly involved in sales calls, demo preparation, blog posts and documentation, and are also currently focused on supporting Ben’s sales efforts.


Communications Director Teresa Zundel  and  Front-end Developer/Designer Kenneth Paskett continue to work diligently to improve our content marketing strategy and our website user experience. We’re regularly receiving positive feedback about the new-and-improved look and feel of our website and our fresh, useful content.

Strategic journeys

HotWax Systems CEO, Mike Bates, is focused on leveraging his sales and marketing experience in conjunction with actively researching and interacting with peers to help us set–and meet–some excitingly ambitious growth goals. Some of his recent efforts include participating in the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference, SaaStr, and also traveling to our Indore, India office with his brother, John K. Bates of Executive Speaking Success, to deliver professional communications training to the team. 


We were very pleased to have been listed as a Representative Vendor in the prestigious Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide, 2016. Our company was named in multiple categories, including On-Premises (or Hosted) Software, Digital Commerce for Midsize Businesses, and Digital Commerce for B2C Organizations and Digital Commerce for B2B Organizations. Read more about it in this news release.

Let’s connect

We welcome your feedback, so please take a moment to leave a comment or ask a question. We’re excited to connect with you.



DATE: Jun 16, 2016
AUTHOR: Teresa Zundel
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