HotWax U: OFBiz Best Practices

HotWax University: OFBiz Best Practices internal developer training

Sharing a note today to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of our HotWax University program. Today we begin the 100th session of HotWax U: OFBiz Best Practices developer training, and we could not be more pleased with the results and the learning we are seeing.

HotWax University is our internal OFBiz developer training program here at HotWax Media. The training is organized into weeklong sessions that cover a wide variety of topics. Developers begin with classes like Apache OFBiz Primary Developer Training, and Work Ethics, and later drill into more specific topics like Payment Gateways in Apache OFBiz and Apache OFBiz Application Performance Optimization.

HotWax U is a few things: first, it is our investment in our staff, ensuring that every developer has the chance to learn and grow professionally as part of his / her experience working for HotWax. Second, it is our commitment to our clients, present and future, to lead the way in designing, developing, and supporting the highest quality Apache OFBiz systems anywhere in the world. Finally, it is our contribution to the OFBiz community, and thereby to ourselves, with the goal of continuously improving the OFBiz project itself. Along with inducting new individuals into the broader OFBiz community, HotWax U regularly organizes initiatives like our recent Bug Squash event that improve OFBiz for all users.

This post would not be complete without a special acknowledgement of Pranay Pandey. His thoughtful guidance and hard work, along with the rest of our staff who contribute along with him, make HotWax U the success it is. Thanks Pranay — keep up the fantastic work!

HotWax U gives me full confidence that HotWax Media will continue to be the leading implementor of Apache OFBiz systems globally, and will carry on producing many of the best and most specialized OFBiz developers in the world. Keep learning….

DATE: Sep 06, 2014
AUTHOR: Mike Bates
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