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What Is Software?

Apache OFBiz, Open Source Software

What is Software? At its core, the definition of software refers to a set of instructions that enable a computer or electronic device to perform specific tasks or functions. These instructions are.. READ MORE

DATE: Jan 29, 2024
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

What is CRM Software?

Apache OFBiz, CRM

What is CRM software? CRM (customer relationship management) software is a technological tool designed to support and automate the process of managing customer interactions throughout the customer.. READ MORE

DATE: Nov 21, 2023
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

What is the HotWax Accelerator?

Company News, Apache OFBiz, Apache Community, OFBiz, Open Source ERP

What is the HotWax Accelerator? Like a house that lasts for centuries, you want to build on a reliable and stable foundation. Which is why, when we created the HotWax Accelerator, we built it on top.. READ MORE

DATE: Sep 28, 2020
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

OFBiz Tutorial: Store OFBiz logs in NoSql-Mongo DB

OFBiz Tutorials, Enterprise eCommerce, OFBiz Development, Apache OFBiz, Enterprise ERP, Apache OFBiz 13.07, OFBiz

Servers generate a large number of events (i.e. logging) that contain useful information about their operation including errors, warnings, and users behavior. By default, most servers, store these.. READ MORE

DATE: Apr 29, 2015
AUTHOR: Arun Patidar

HotWax Media Is Now HotWax Systems

Enterprise eCommerce, Company News, hotwax media, OFBiz Development, Apache OFBiz, HotWax Systmes, Enterprise ERP, OFBiz

With 2015 off to a great start, we are excited to make two major announcements. 1. HotWax Systems: new name reflects focus, direction of company HotWax Media is now HotWax Systems. This change.. READ MORE

DATE: Jan 20, 2015
AUTHOR: Patrick Gibbons

Apache OFBiz 13.07 Load Testing Results (1,000 OPD)

Load Testing, Enterprise eCommerce, OFBiz Ecommerce, eCommerce, OFBiz Development, Apache OFBiz, Apache OFBiz 13.07, OFBiz, performance testing, Apache OFBiz 13.07 load testing

In a recent blog post we explored Apache OFBiz Performance Benchmarking. Since then we have executed Apache OFBiz 13.07 load testing. Today’s tech update looks at how performance benchmarking can.. READ MORE

DATE: Nov 18, 2014
AUTHOR: Ashish Vijaywargiya

OFBiz Bug Crush Activates Ant-like Superpowers

Company News, OFBiz Development, Apache OFBiz, OFBiz Contributions, Enterprise ERP, OFBiz, Apache OFBiz Development, OfBiz bug, OFBiz bug crush

Saturday’s OFBiz Bug Crush community service event revealed 4 superpowers shared by Team HotWax and…ants! READ MORE

DATE: Nov 17, 2014
AUTHOR: Teresa Zundel