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What is Vue?

Enterprise Open Source Software

What is Vue and What is it Used For? Vue is a JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces on websites and applications. It’s designed to be lightweight, straightforward and incrementally.. READ MORE

DATE: May 09, 2024
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

What are the different types of open source licenses?

Enterprise Open Source Software, Open Source Software, apache

What is an open source license? An open source license is a legal framework that governs how open source software can be used, modified, and distributed. Unlike proprietary software, open source.. READ MORE

DATE: Dec 15, 2023
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

What is PIM Software?

Enterprise Open Source Software, ERP

What is PIM software? Product Information Management (PIM) software is a software solution designed to centralize and streamline the management of product data and information within an organization... READ MORE

DATE: Oct 23, 2023
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems