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DIY: Set Up Your OFBiz Warehouse Address In Four Easy Steps

OFBiz Tutorials, apache ofbiz warehouse, Enterprise eCommerce, OFBiz Ecommerce, eCommerce, Apache OFBIz warehouse management, Warehouse and Inventory Management, OFBiz Development, OFBiz Tutorial, OFBiz

HotWax DIY: how to set up your OFBiz warehouse address in just four simple steps. Ready: In our recent blog post we discussed how to configure OFBiz warehouse – Inventory management. Today we will.. READ MORE

DATE: Dec 02, 2014
AUTHOR: Divesh Dutta

Apache OFBiz 13.07 Load Testing Results (1,000 OPD)

Load Testing, Enterprise eCommerce, OFBiz Ecommerce, eCommerce, OFBiz Development, Apache OFBiz, Apache OFBiz 13.07, OFBiz, performance testing, Apache OFBiz 13.07 load testing

In a recent blog post we explored Apache OFBiz Performance Benchmarking. Since then we have executed Apache OFBiz 13.07 load testing. Today’s tech update looks at how performance benchmarking can.. READ MORE

DATE: Nov 18, 2014
AUTHOR: Ashish Vijaywargiya

Ecommerce ERP Solution Evaluation

quality assurance, eCommerce, Apache OFBiz, Enterprise ERP, ERP, ecommerce erp, 6th Sense Commerce

In our previous blog post, Ecommerce / ERP Solution QA Using Scenario Based Testing, we shared how setting up a scenario based testing environment with well defined use cases helps to drive effective.. READ MORE

DATE: Sep 10, 2014
AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey

E-Commerce store using https on Apache OFBiz

OFBiz Ecommerce, eCommerce, Ecommerce Store, e-commerce, OFBiz, ecommerce erp, https

On August 6 2014, Google announced that it is starting to use HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure) as a ranking signal influencing search results. If you are running or building an E-Commerce.. READ MORE

DATE: Sep 08, 2014
AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey

Scarpa Refreshes Mobile Commerce

Enterprise eCommerce, Company News, OFBiz Ecommerce, eCommerce, Apache OFBiz, Mike Bates, OFBiz, Enterprise eCommerce Platform, Enterprise e-commerce solutions

Mobile commerce is critical in direct-to-consumer online sales. Founded in 1938, Scarpa has been manufacturing and distributing some of the world’s most well-known and well-respected outdoor retail.. READ MORE

DATE: Sep 04, 2014
AUTHOR: Mike Bates

Book Review: What I Did Not Learn At IIT: Transitioning from Campus to Workplace by Rajeev Agarwal

Enterprise eCommerce, Company News, hotwax media, eCommerce, OFBiz Development, Enterprise ERP, ERP, OFBiz, Software Development

What I Did Not Learn At IIT: Transitioning from Campus to Workplace by Rajeev Agarwal is well worth reading. Whatever your current level is, especially in the Software Industry, this book will teach.. READ MORE

DATE: May 23, 2014
AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey

Predictive analytics! Is this the future of ERP?

Enterprise eCommerce, OFBiz Ecommerce, hotwax media, eCommerce, OFBiz Development, predictive analytic, Enterprise ERP, OFBiz, Enterprise eCommerce Platform

We as humans, have always wanted to see the future. In the same way, businesses have been shifting away from legacy business management and ERP software to self learning tools. The surge of.. READ MORE

DATE: Apr 23, 2014
AUTHOR: Rahul Lokhande

Retargeting with Tact and Taste

Enterprise eCommerce, eCommerce, PPC

If you’re an ecommerce shopper there’s a good chance you’ve experienced a relatively new, very pinpointed and rapidly growing type of PPC advertising called remarketing (or retargeting, depending on.. READ MORE

DATE: Feb 04, 2012
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems