DIY: Set Up Your OFBiz Warehouse Address In Four Easy Steps

HotWax DIY: how to set up your OFBiz warehouse address in just four simple steps.


 In our recent blog post we discussed how to configure OFBiz warehouse – Inventory management. Today we will show you how to set up your OFBiz warehouse address in just four simple steps.


First, create your warehouse. Need help ? Review the first two two steps detailed in the recent blog post . We  will walk you through the process.


To set up address of your warehouse, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on “Contact Mechs” menu. And then click on “New Contact Mech” sub-menu. You will see the page shown below.  Enter Contact Type = “Postal Address” and click on “Create”.=warehouse-address-1-CreateNewPostalAddress-1024x321-Aug-01-2023-04-31-23-0976-PM
  2. Next, you will land up on the page shown below. Enter your warehouse address as shown in the example below. Choose purpose = “Shipping origin address” which means all  shipments will be dispatched from this address.  Once you fill in all the details, click on “Save” buttonwarehouse-address-2-EnterAddressDetails-1184x500-1
  3. Your  OFBiz warehouse address will now be created. As shown below, add “Shipping destination address” . Choose “Shipping destination address” from Contact Purposes drop-down and click on “Add Purpose” button. This means all the Purchase order items will be received at this address.Warehouse-address-3-AddAddressPurpose-1024x481-Aug-01-2023-04-31-15-1158-PM
  4. Finally, click again on Contact Mechs” menu. You will see your recently added address as shown below:

Finish line for configuring your OFBiz warehouse address

Congratulations on setting up  the address of your OFBiz warehouse!

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DATE: Dec 02, 2014
AUTHOR: Divesh Dutta
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