Identify the Right Enterprise ERP System


The search for an Enterprise ERP solution that falls in line with the unique demands of your business might seem like a menacing proposition. But over the years ERP solutions have become more user friendly, and in some cases easier to deploy. There’s no doubt that selecting the right system can be a time consuming and even expensive process that requires thoughtful analysis and planning. In the end, the goal is to make a decision that will sustain growth, allow a maximum amount of flexibility and enable a business and its system to scale harmoniously.

So what can you do to identify the Right Enterprise ERP System which will serve as the best long term investment for your company? Here are a few high level guidelines to steer you towards a well-informed decision.

1. Consider specific business goals and identify ERP solution providers that can help achieve them:

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to enterprise ERP solutions, and in order to find technology that meshes with your demands you’ll probably have to ask yourself, and your potential ERP partner, some tough questions. The importance of an enterprise project should be underscored by relentless planning and analysis aimed at identifying inefficiencies that can be transformed into a viable component of a growth strategy. That work should then be paired with a solution provider that both understands your objectives and possesses the ability to capitalize on those expectations based on the functionality of their platform.

2. Create expectations about the short term and long term benefits you hope to gain from an ERP system:

Keeping your eye on the horizon is an important function of the planning process when it comes to identifying the right solution. This means not only planning for the immediate demands of your business, but also anticipating the demands of growth and what the competitive landscape may look like six months, a year or five years from the time of your decision. To capitalize on those expectations it’s imperative to identify a system that allows a business to phase in important functionality at critical times.

3. Know which business processes your business will need incorporated into an ERP solution:

Highly successful companies are consistently on the lookout for ways to improve the efficiency of a business process with the goal of reducing costs, confusion and miscommunication between departments. So what’s the best way to bridge the communication and management gap between functions like distribution and fulfillment or customer service and finance? By employing an integrated ERP solution that will automate, synchronize and revitalize internal functions through a unified system.

Identifying the right Enterprise ERP solution can be complex undertaking, and the Apache OFBiz experts at HotWax Media help companies define the roadmap to a successful ERP decision and implementation, and provide ongoing technical support and consulting to ensure a business gets the everything they need from their investment.

Contact us today to learn more about how our reliable, secure and scalable enterprise ERP solutions can align with the specific requirements of your business systems.

DATE: Feb 16, 2012
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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